Junior Prom tings

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Late May

Deguzman's House

Today's the day," Julian said to himself making sure he looked good in the mirror

"Jules, you look fine can we take the pictures and go!" Charlize said

"You're just wearing a dress a suit takes time and precision," Julian said

"You're such a... You know what never mind" Charlize said as she couldn't believe this was happening "I guess we'll just be fashionably late"

"No worries Josh is picking us up anyways so we're good until he gets here," Julian said

*Doorbell rings*

"You were saying," Charlize said

"Alright let's get these pictures then head to Kaycee's," Julian said as he finished with the final touches

"Please stop being mad at me," Josh said to Bailey as they waited outside Julian's house door

"I'm not mad," Bailey said as she kissed his cheek "Just thinking"

"About?" Josh asked

The door was opened by Julian's little sister Jade "You're late" Jade said as she let them in

"My fault my sisters were so undecided about my hair," Bailey said

"It's the same" Jade commented

"If it isn't broke, don't fix it," Bailey said as she sees Julian and Charlize walk into view "Wow you both look great"

"Thanks and I took 30 minutes less," Charlize said

"Hey my hair took a while," Julian said

"Same" Josh said as they all laughed

A few pictures taken by the Deguzman's and they were now off to the Rice Household for the last two

Rice House

"My baby sister is growing up!" Kylie said as Sean and Kaycee were in the middle of a photo shoot thanks to their parents

"I'm taller than you now!" Kaycee said

"Still my baby sister," Kylie said taking a picture of the pair

"Sean smile!" Sarah said as Sean was getting tired of all the pictures

"I am," Sean said

"Look at Kaycee," Serris said as Sean looked at Kaycee and her looking at him which made them both smile

"Perfect" Devon said taking the picture

"My daughter in-law is pretty," Miya said

"They both look good" Laura agreed

Over the small timespan of Sean and Kaycee getting back together, they finally had their families meet and to say they loved each other was an understatement

*Doorbell rings*

"Finally," Kaycee said breaking away to answer the door to reveal her four friends

After a ton of pictures, it was finally time

"Have fun at your Junior Prom!"

Junior Prom location

Junior prom wasn't at the school

They had secured a separate location for the occasion

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