"No, it's not like he's my boyfriend or anything," Kaycee said

"Wow Kayc," Sean said as they just split up last night

"I mean yeah but he's your best friend," Julian said

"So are you," Kaycee said "Same with the others"

"Yeah, we just gotta have a good day today," Sean said


"Pop quiz!"



"Guys!" Sean said rushing over to the table "We need to do something special for Kaycee"

"Like what? We're in school not much to get excited about" Bailey said

"Just something that could make lunch fun," Sean said

"I have an idea," Josh said

"Go ahead Joshy," Tahani said

"Oh, yeah that reminds me is Josh and Bailey..." Charlize said after hearing Tahani still call Josh her nickname for him

"It's complicated," Bailey said

"Anyways, I didn't want to bring it up since Kaycee won't be able to enjoy it but Junior Prom is back," Josh said "It's been saved by us"

"Really?!" Sean said

"Yeah, I got the message in the student council group chat," Josh said "They'll announce it Monday"

"Or now," Tahani said "You know something to celebrate"

"I like what you're getting at Tahani," Sean said as Tahani smiled

"Party in the lunchroom?" Bailey said

"I'll get my DJ stuff," Julian said getting up and heading towards his locker

"Still upset I lost that bet," Josh said

"Oh, here she comes," Charlize said as Kaycee arrived

"It's so strange that my teachers said they would miss me," Kaycee said sitting down

"I mean you're just a positive presence," Bailey said "Even people you don't like don't hate you"

"What's Julian doing?" Kaycee asked as she sees Julian setting stuff up

"Be patient?" Sean said

"He doesn't know what he's doing," Josh said getting up to help Julian

"So, they're preparing an announcement?" Kaycee asked as she's completely confused

"In a way," Tahani said

"Alright is this ting on?" Julian speaking into the mic as it sounded throughout the cafeteria "Alright, well my friends and I have some good news for you juniors and those of you dating juniors"

"As you know Julian, Bailey, Sean, Kaycee and I have been trying to win back junior prom," Josh said, "And we're proud to say..."

"It's back!"

"So yeah, it's going down in May so even though it's February maybe you all should be looking for dates," Julian said

"And as to celebrate lets party!" Josh said starting up the music

"We did it!" Kaycee cheered as everyone in the lunchroom started dancing and such

"You're not upset?" Sean said

"Of course, not," Kaycee said "If it comes down to it one of you will make me your date! Right?!"

"Of course," they all said

"Great now let's dance!"

End of school

After the lunch party, the rest of the day went by rather smoothly as everyone was in a positive mood well besides a few

"I'm going to miss you, Kaycee," Charlize said giving Kaycee a hug

"I am too, please look out for everyone you're like the big sister," Kaycee said as Charlize smiled " Make sure Julian doesn't do anything stupid"

"Why me specifically?!" Julian exclaimed

"I'll miss you too Kayc, shame we didn't get to cheer more," Tahani said as they hugged "No worries I'll make sure Sean doesn't end up with Tate"

"I appreciate you more than you know," Kaycee said "Who knows in another world I would probably be best friends with you and the cheer squad"

"Bye Kaycee!" Charlize and Tahani said as the five went to Josh's car

Josh's car

"Alright, where are we going?" Josh asked out as a moment of silence occurred as they all looked towards Kaycee

"My parents want me home right after school," Kaycee said "They want to get the transfer process started quickly"


"Scenic route it is," Josh said as he decided to take the long way to everyone's house

The vibe was very melancholy as no one wanted to say anything as they all felt the emotions building up inside them

Usually Julian would be the first stop by he insisted to stay with them until

And it wasn't much longer until they reached the Rice house

"Well here we are"

Rice Household

They all got out the car to make proper goodbyes

"Julian, thank you for being the funniest person I know," Kaycee said as she and Julian hugged

"And thank you for appreciating my great sense of humor," Julian said "Imma miss you Kayc"

"Price!" Kaycee said going for the hug

"Rice!" Josh said

"Please don't cry into my shoulder Josh," Kaycee said patting his head "You're gonna make me cry"

"I'm not crying! My eyes are going through an allergic reaction to sad events!" Josh said

"I'll miss you too," Kaycee said

"As a matter fact, I'm down with running away to New York," Bailey said trying not to show any emotion

"Come here tough girl" Kaycee dragging Bailey in for the hug

"You can't leave me here with all these boys!" Bailey said

"You'll do fine," Kaycee said "You're the toughest girl I know"

"That's what I was going to call you," Bailey said as they shared a small laugh

Next was Sean

They were going to hug but opted against it and went for the handshake

"Thank you for everything Kaycee Rice"

"No, thank you, Sean Lew"

"Oh, just kiss already!" Josh said

"Don't make me force you two to do it!" Bailey said

"No worries my innocent eyes will look away," Julian said covering his eyes

And like they said Sean and Kaycee kissed

"I'll miss you, Shamu Wilson!"

"I'll miss you too angel 👼"



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