34. Exile

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Title: Exile

Genre: Angst

Characters: Ichigo and Toshiro

Summary: When Toshiro finds out that Ichigo is kicked out of Soul Society he finds himself torn even more.

Rating: T


The small taicho sat on his division on the roof, the hilt of his non-communicative zampaktuo leaning against his right cheek. His small ears picked up commotion coming from the neighboring division and he got up and flash stepped over to the grounds. Looking down he could see the members of the eleventh division muttering to themselves. The words about the Kenpachi being out of it rang in his ears. "What do you mean he is out of it?"

"Uhh... Hitsugaya Taicho..." One of the men looked up at the boy.

"That pipsqueaks a captain?" A member that was rather new had a hand clapped over his mouth.

"That captain can freeze you where you stand." Another man blurted out. "He's scary as Unohana of the forth."

"Cut to the chase." Toshiro let out a deep sigh.

"Kenpachi came back in a daze. Then he gets to where he normally sits and he..."

"He just buries his face in one hand and ignores everyone even the fukutaicho." Another glanced away.

"I'll see what I can do." The boy hopped down from the wall and walked into the training area. He could see Ikkaku and Yumichika standing there staring at their captain.

"Ahh... Hitsugaya Taicho..." Ikkaku's head piped up. "You can try talking to him, but it won't work."

Toshiro walked over and folded his arms across his chest. "Kenpachi..." The man didn't respond at first, but then looked up at him with one eye. The boy took a deep breath before biting his lip. "You are..."

He glanced at Ikkaku and the man raised an eyebrow before turning to his partner. "Yumichika, go and make sure none of the men are hanging around."

The boy then turned his head to look at the man. "You're grieving, but it isn't for Yamamoto. Who then?"

Kenpachi simply looked at him, a frown spreading across his lips. After a few minutes he finally spoke up. "You were always very astute. I killed Unohana."

Ikkaku felt his jaw drop while Yumichika got a rather horrified look on their faces. Toshiro's eyes went wide while Yachiru simply clung to Kenpachi's arm. "You killed Unohana?"

"You heard me right."

"Why?" The boy shook his head at the man.

"She was the first Kenpachi." The man continued to cover the one eye.

"Wait..." Ikkaku frowned. "Unohana was the first Kenpachi?"

"Well, the records did say that the first Kenpachi was a female and that the tradition of battling to the death didn't start until after the second Kenpachi." Yumichika placed a hand over his chin. "Her zampaktuo is kido based..."

Kenpachi glanced over at his blade. "Yes. Minazuki is a kido based zampaktuo."

"Is?" Ikkaku shook his head.

Toshiro's eyes went wide. "You and Unohana have the same zamapktuo?"

"Well, that makes sense." Yumichika folded his arms. "I mean, that the zamapktuo passes from Kenpachi to Kenpachi."

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