10. New Generation

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Title: New Generations

Genre: Drama

Characters: Bambietta Basterbine

Summary: Why do the Vandenreich want to attack?

Rating: K+

Date Posted: 08/01/12

New Generations

Small footsteps that went unheard went across the ground as the small figure approahced the training grounds. Bambietta's mouth twisted up into a smirk as she looked at the other children of the Vandenreich watched their teacher as he explained that days lesson. She then leaned against a place with her arms crossed. The small children focused their eyes on the man as he explained things to the little ones.

The smile however left her face upon hearing a male voice suddenly speak up. "I and the other guys have been asking you to go out with us for some time. How long are you going to keep saying no?"

Bambietta stuck her nose in the air. "I told you, when you guys you have beat me on the training fields of course."

"That isn't fair... she's far above the rest of us." One of the other males muttered.

"You're never going to get a boyfriend that way Basterbine." Another female stated. "You're the only one of us whose blood line contains a shinigami parent."

The female reached up and brushed her hair away from her face. She then spun around on her heals. "Actually... I'm going to go and pick out my fiance. He's going to learn how to use Quincy abilities too."

The boy who had spoken up first suddenly snapped his words out at her. "How is that fair! They're the group that kicked our families out of Soul Society in the first place! Why are you siding with the enemy?"

"Who says I'm siding with the enemy? I'm just doing what I need to do in order to keep the bloodline strong. You all should think about that too... just because you have someone you like doesn't mean they're the person you need to end up with." And with that she headed on out with a bounce to her step.

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