45. Siblings

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Title: Siblings

Genre: Family

Characters: Gin, Jugram, Cang and a few of Juhabach's wives.

Summary: Gin is his usual self. Pretty much his interactions between two of his possible siblings.

Rating: K

Notes: I've got a lot of one-shots planned, but no telling when I'll get them written. This one though was simple, though originally it was going to be longer. It just... felt complete as is.


Softly the rain poured down, dripping off the features of the silver haired child. He sat up on a high perch watching said rain come down. A soft voice broke him from his trance. "Your highness... you'll catch illness if you remain there."

The boy locked down to see a Chinese woman with dark hair and a small babe in her arms. He jumped down. "Ka-du."

"You're soaking wet. Your mother will be displeased."

"Ka-du's also my mother and I can tell she is displeased." the boy bent closer to the infant in her arms, a smile on his face. "How's Co-chan today?"

"Oi... I'm only your father's concubine and even then I'm of a low status even among the other concubines."

The boy stepped back and raised his arms wide, "Ka-du's always nice to me and treats me as if I'm one of her own. You also lecture me just as much as mother does about what I should or shouldn't do. The others just let me do what I want to do."

"You're the crown prince." The woman sighed before shuffling the infant in her arms. "Cong... say hello to your nii-sama."

The small child instead snuggled closer to his mother while the silver haired child frowned. "Co-chan doesn't want to say hello?"

This comment caused the child to blink a couple of times, before reaching out for the older child. The silver haired boy took him in his arms. The woman let out a deep sigh. "You're soaking wet. Come..." She touched the silver haired child's shoulders and turned him around. "... let's get you dried off."

The three headed down the hallways inside until they came to a warm room. Another silver haired child sat in a chair reading a book while a silver haired female worked on her embroidery. The other silver haired boy looked up. "Nii-sama... you need to act more befitting of your status."

The silver haired female started, turning to look at her son. A hand went to her mouth. "You're getting you're baby brother soaked as well."

The dark haired woman went and grabbed a towel and began to dry the white haired child's hair. "His highness is a mischievous child, but he has a heart of gold and loves his little brother."

"It isn't as if he gets along with our other siblings. Watch... when Cong gets older he'll lose interest like always."

"I never lost interest in Ju-chan."

"That's because I'm your younger twin."

"No. You treat me like I'm normal."

"except you're not normal. You're the only one of us children that doesn't act your status. Nii-sama, you need to act like you're the crown prince."

"Why, when you can just pretend to be me? You'd be a better kind any ways."

"Don't go there idiot."

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