4. Changing the Academy

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Title: Changing the Academy

Genre: Historical (when Kyoraku and Ukitake joined the academy)

Characters: Yamamoto, Kyoraku, Ukitake

Summary: Kyoraku and Ukitake

Rating: T

Date Posted: 07/24/12

Changing the Academy

Ukitake walked into his classroom letting out a deep yawn as he sat down. His head hit the wooden table used for lectures. There were honestly no girls to chase and harass. He let out another deep yawn wondering why the teachers had decided to call a special lecture for today. He and Ukitake had just started at the academy a few weeks ago and the classes were honestly boring.

The person giving the lecture came into the room and his head darted up as he recognized the man as Yamamoto, one of the higher ups. Letting out a deep sigh he grumbled about the situation. "Why is the old man teaching us? Doesn't he have better things to do?"

Ukitake came into the room and sat down next to his friend. "It may have something to do with the recent event that occurred in Soul Society."

"What recent event?" Kyoraku rolled his head slightly off his crossed arms so he could look his friend in the face.

"A group was kicked out of soul society. Apparently they decided it was best to completely eradicate the Hollows rather then sending them onto Soul Society." The white haired youth frowned. "There is going to be changes in the academy."

"How come you know about this?" The lazy young man asked.

"How come you don't know about this? My families status is lower in the ranks then yours." Ukitake frowned at his friend as the corner of his mouth twisted up. "A group decided that they wouldn't stand for Hollows getting to come to Soul Society if they kill off their family members."

"I'm not understanding why this is a bid deal. If I had to defend my family I wouldn't care to have Hollows coming to Soul Society." Kyoraku let out another yawn and his head rolled so that he was now facing forward and his eyes were closed, his chin flat on the desk while his arms were moved off the desk from boredom.

"Except destroying the Hollow means that the balance of Souls between the world of the living and soul society becomes imbalanced." The white haired youth felt the corners of his mouth twitch.

"Then just kick them out of Soul Society like it was decided." The young man let out a deep sigh.

"Except they exiled the entire part of the armed forced that specialized in long range attacks."

Kyoraku remained silent before opening his eyes. "Why the entire group?"

"I'm not sure why. I hear there was a major feud and major fighting." Ukitake sighed.

Another student came into the classroom and walked up to Yamamoto. "Is the rumor true that we won't just be studying to become shinigami's anymore but we'll be learning things for the Kido Squad and the Onimitsukido?"

"What of it?" The man glared at the student.

"I came here to be trained as a shinigami. I didn't come to be trained as a part of the other three military combat groups."

Yamamoto placed a hand on the stack of books. "You'll be learning from your text books that there are now only three groups and no longer four. The decision has been made that in order to not lose any of the teachings everything shall be taught to all students."

Kyoraku's head suddenly darted up. "Wait a second. So what you said about everyone getting banished was correct. They even banished the teachers."

"I heard the conflict was pretty bad." Ukitake frowned.

"Why can't the teachers of the forth group teach a new group." The student continued to complain. "Or why can't the forth group find new teachers? It isn't fair to push extra work onto us."

"No, it wasn't fair of the forth group to push extra work on us. Because they were going around destroying Hollows the other three groups had to fix the imbalance. More hard work isn't a bad thing as we are going to have more work now that the forth group has been exiled. We also have to be on the watch out to make sure they don't start causing an imbalance. They know full well they are on a strict watch."

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