55. Away in the Shadows

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Title: Away in the Shadows

Genre: Angst

Characters: Gin, Rangiku, Toshiro

Summary: There was a reason Rangiku always struggled to find Gin. He had a habit of slipping off into the shadows.

Rating: K+

Notes: Again I have to adapt my theories to the changes, but that's all right as that's part of the fun of theoretical work. It's fun to guess things.

Away in the Shadows

The best spy is the spy that is able to go unnoticed.

The silver haired youth started slipping back and forth between the two existing places on a whim. It was strictly forbidden even after he had come out of the ice. That was how he came across Matsumoto Rangiku. She wasn't a shinigami, but she did have spiritual pressure and he found himself drawn to her. He would visit the using the shadows to follow her without her even realizing.

Jugram of course knew and didn't like what was going on. After coming out of the ice the two had grown distant, but this honestly didn't bother the child as he no longer had him looking over his shoulder. He was for once free and it didn't once cross his mind that he would escape. To him there was no difference between Shinigami and Quincy.

Yes... they had escaped from the human world to Soul Society a thousand years ago, but this didn't change the fact that the original ones unbeknown to the others were originally from Soul Society in the first place. They were the clan of the shadow manipulators, banished because of something that even Gin didn't know, nor did he want to. To him the past was the past and freedom was freedom.

He conversed with the female and found himself happy that he had made a friend. He began to stay more and more within Soul Society rather then the cursed place he hated and loathed. It finally came to him simply not coming back. Two children were born and he thought nothing of it until someone came from the shadows and stole one of the children. The decision was made to hide the other child.

Then came Aizen and the loss of Rangiku's memories. She forgot where Gin came from, among other things. Perhaps it was for the best. Where did he go when he slipped away. There is an advantage to being able to slip between two plains of existence. You can spy on two bad guys at once.

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