62. E Stands for...

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Title: E Stands for...
Genre: Theoretical
Characters: Bambietta, Toshiro, others
Summary: More theory behind her letter.
Rating: T
Notes: Honestly don't know if she is fire based or not. Doesn't really matter really.

Bambietta watched the white haired youth sit in the chair, his hands at his sides. The boy had been brought in by Bazz-B and he had glared at her ever since. His attitude of indifference to her irritated him. Finally she spoke up. "Why are you just staring at me like that?"

"I don't know. Maybe because you're the enemy." The boy continued to stare at her.

The purple haired female rolled her eyes. "How mature."

"Excuse me?" The boy's hands gripped the chair tighter.

"We're not the enemy, but the enemy. I caught that inflection of your tone."

"I used that inflection of tone because right now you guys are the enemy. But if you want to talk about the enemy who always gets that inflection of tone then that would be the Aizen." Two bright teal eyes continued to glare at her.

"That's not mature either." A smile spread over her face as his face twisted up in frustration. "You like thinking you're so mature and grown up don't you."

"Shut up." The boy looked away then.

"Yeah. You do think that but still end up with some very childish responses."

"What ever."

Silence came then as she didn't have anything else to say and he choose not to say anything either. "So... what do you want to know about us?" She watched as the boy turned to look at her. More silence. The door opened and a few other females came in. He glanced away then. Taking a deep breath she repeated what she said. "I asked you what you want to know about us?"

"You're going to get in trouble bitch." Liltotto's foul mouth couldn't resist speaking up.

Bambietta watched as Toshiro looked at the girl in complete shock. Giselle turned her head. "She's always like that."

The boy closed his eyes. "She's right though you know. We're enemies. You shouldn't be telling me stuff. So what is your motive?"

Instead of answering his question she introduced herself and the others. "I'm the letter E, Bambietta Basterbine. The person whose mouth is foul is letter G, Liltotto Lamperd. The one who told you that is normal for her is letter Z, Giselle Gewelle. The other two are letter P, Menianas McAllon and Letter T, Candice Catnipp."

"Oh... maybe you should also tell him about the person he fought when he first came here." Candace's voice became sarcastic in tone.

"That would be letter I, Cang Du."

"Oh... now you're going to tell me that I stands for ice?" The boy's tone was dark.

"How about imbecile? That's what Bazz-B's always calling him." Meninas let out a laugh.

Toshiro narrowed his eyes. "Oh... let me guess. Her letter stands for Erotica?"

It was Bambietta's turn to grip the edge of the chair while the other girls laughed and said how accurate that one was. "It's E for Eruption."

"Oh... because you lose you're temper easily?"

"No... because my powers are fire based!"

"Great... why is it that opposites attract so much among you guys. It isn't as if..." The boy suddenly felt his cheek slapped. He placed a hand onto his cheek, his eyes narrowing. "You do understand that I'm purposefully antagonizing you to get a reaction from you!"

"So you want me to get upset with you? Are you trying to make me want to never see you again."

"That's just it. You were supposed to get upset, but you weren't supposed to get upset as if we're friends."

"Hey... if Bambietta's letter stands for Erotica then Meninas's letter stands Peckerhead and Candice's must stand for Tramp." The smallest piped up.

"Well... yours must stand for Glutton with all those sweats you eat."

"Mine must stand for... Zealot? I can't think of anything worse then that."

"Why are you five talking to me in such a casual fashion."

"You know, to be honest don't know. I'm surprised Baba-chan's even talking to you as you are the enemy." Candice flicked her hair.

"He isn't the enemy, all right!" The female was mad.

"So... you have a crush on him." Meninas titled her head to the side.

"Gross!" Lillotto shook her head.

"I don't have a crush on him."

"Oh! Now prove it. Why else would you..."

"Because he's my twin brother."

Shocked looks spread over the other girls faces as well as the small Shinigami. "Wait..."

Toshiro took a deep breath. "I died on a plain of ice and came to Soul Society. There is no way..."

"And how do you know that is true?"

"Because I remember..." The boy stopped short. He glanced away. "Well... in case what you said is true I apologize for the things I said."

Bambietta blinked a couple of times. "Wait... it's this easy for you to apologize?"

The question however was met with silence.

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