22. Death to Traitor

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Title: Death to Traitor

Genre: Death

Characters: Juhabach, Aizen

Summary: Juhabach has a bone to pick with Aizen and it isn't about joining his army.

Rating: T

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Death to Traitor

What came from capturing the Hollows from Hueco Mundo came pieces of information. A man named Aizen defected from Soul Society. The man named Aizen took two other captains with him. Information said that both of the other captains were dead, while Aizen had been taken prisoner. One of the men had silver hair.

Juhabach's interested was perked when he heard that a man with silver hair had defected with Aizen. He new not many people had silver hair, so he asked more questions. The name Ichimaru Gin was not familiar to him though. It was his son Schwarz who told him that Silbern also used the name Gin before he left. The name had been given to him by that girl.

The man's feet walked through the maggots nest and the men trembled as they looked at the man. He cared not for anything but his particular goal, and that was the man named Aizen, for there was more information that he had been given. This information meant he was honor bound to act upon said information for the sake of justice and peace.

The man stood in front of him and Juhabach unsealed his mouth. Aizen's looked at him through narrowed eyes. "What do you want? For my to join your army? Sorry, but I only follow myself."

"That is a nice joke." Juhabach looked at him. "I am interested in some information."

"I'm not giving you any information. I know exactly who you are." The man watched the man carefully.

"I just want to confirm the fact you are the man who killed a silver haired demon."

"You me Gin." The man let out a laugh. "Do you really care about what happened to your son?"

"I want an answer."

"Yes. I killed him. I slashed him across the chest, ripped off his right arm and then impaled him with my blade."

"Then remaining in prison isn't a good enough punishment for you."

Aizen frowned at the man. "You do understand that I can not be killed. I have the Hogyoku."

"There is no such thing as immortality. There is an end to the cycle of a soul though, and your soul is going to end." Juhabach walked out of the room. Eventually an explosion came.

Author's note – Yeah... he probably couldn't kill Aizen. However, he may have tried to kill Aizen without realizing he was immortal.

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