High On Wonder by Luexairvyn_Alouise
High On Wonderby ×Lieutenant~Lue×
I have too many questions. Did curiosity kill the cat? This is a philosophy book where I will ask a question or take questions from others and then answer it to my deepe...
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  • philosophy
  • theories
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random poems I write:) by sic_itur_ad_astra
random poems I write:)by sic_itur_ad_astra
Not good at writing these sorry, but I will try my best to get my basic point across:) A collection of poems that I write:) I will post as I write them and please commen...
  • newbie
  • poetry
  • idontknowwhatimdoing
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Shower thoughts by Grillzboi_hoit
Shower thoughtsby Grillzboi Grillby
Absolute nonsense about everything starting from something, or nothing. About emotions, senses, thoughts or theories. In the shower.
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  • short
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