51. Creepy Kid

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Title: Creepy Kid

Genre: Angst

Characters: Gin and Ichigo

Summary: A different spin on why Gin said what he said during the Winter War.

Notes: Pretty much what the summary says.

Rating: T

Creepy Kid

"I need to take care of the problem." The problem Ichimaru Gin was thinking of was Aizen, but he was also thinking about a problem that had been on his mind even before he had become worried about Aizen. Aizen though had to come first.

He was alone in the task and would keep trudging along alone. His blade crashed with Kurosaki Ichigo's blade and a familiar feeling fell over him. Instantly he recognized what said feeling was, a familiarity with that man and it was damn creepy. "I need to dispatch him so that I can take care of the first problem I need to take care of."

"Your heart isn't in it. You know the kids family and your pretty much doing this for family."

Realization hit Gin then. "I wouldn't be able to kill him even if I wanted too."

He brushed the realization aside as well as the idea that he couldn't defeat Aizen either. An idea though crossed his mind. "I need to stall for an hour of time just in case." And then... "In case what?"

Then came the pain rushing through is body as well as the depression of being defeated. Realization hit him then. "I should have relied on others more. Also... I think Ichigo-chan's the one whose going to be able to stop him. As much as I hate him I still love him as he's my father. I can't break the honor code of not killing ones own family..."

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