14. Yin Yang

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Title: Yin and Yang

Genre: Family

Characters: Juha, Yamamoto's neice Sakura and two other characters that I'm calling Ode and Noir. Unlike Yamamoto's neice, Silbern and Schwarz are actual canon characters. Ode already has a canon name while Noir's name hasn't been revealed. Hmmm... who are they?

Summary: Juha and Yamamoto's niece have a family.

Rating: K+

Date Posted: 8/31/2012

Yin and Yang

Cold eyes glowered at the members of the Vandenreich council that stood in front of the majesty discussing the latest problem that was cropping up for the group that left Soul Society so many years ago. Finally the meeting was over and he found himself heading back to his quarters. The man's steps fell quietly and he saw his wife sitting in a chair.

A small boy with silver hair sat in her lap as she hummed softly to him as he sat very still. Another child of the same age stood next to her and the boy's voice had stopped when Juha came into the room. The boy then directed his smile at his father and hurried over with the smile on his face. "How was your day fuhrer?"

The man bent over from his great height and scooped the small boy into his arms. "My day was long and boring. How was your day Schwarz?"

"I did well in my lessons and then I played with the other children." The boy stated with a smile on his face.

"And how was Silbern's day?" The man stated looking over at the child with silver hair. A frown crossed his face as the child simply stared off into space without responding. "Silbern?" The man's voice became louder and the small child suddenly twisted around in his mother's lap and wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his face into her chest. The woman smiled softly. The man let out a deep sight. "So, what did Silbern do today?"

"Silbern didn't go to lessons and he only played with me a little bit after classes. He took off when the other children wanted to play with me." Schwarz frowned suddenly. "He doesn't like it when I play with the other children."

"I don't think that is it. Your brother is just shy." Sakura held the child gently in her arms. "Why don't you take Silbern to play?" The black haired child climbed down from his father's arms and grabbed the other boy's hand and dragged him away. "You wished to speak to me about something?"

"Something is wrong with that child." The man went and sat in a chair across from her. "He doesn't act like the children his age."

"It doesn't help that the other children find his hair and eye color to be strange. It is my fault as he gets his coloring from me." The woman frowned at him, placing her hands in her lap.

"I've told the children to not treat him like he is different." The man grumbled.

"That actually doesn't help either." Sakura sat there while Juha stared at her for a few minutes. "I know you dislike hearing me say that and I know you don't want to say anything against what I have to say. However, Silbern is a different child and it is rather obvious."

"The child is daft in the head, that is what he is. How come we were able to have a normal child and yet have one that is retarded in the mind." The man grumbled as he placed his chin into his hand. "The child is horribly daft and has been making his brother skip a few lessons."

"Silbern actually isn't daft. He's... while it is true that Silbern is different from the other children it isn't how you think."

"Please don't defend him. He doesn't speak to anyone." The man stated.

"That's because Schwarz knows him to well. They are twins after all and he speaks a lot for Silbern and what he wants."

"How is that a good thing? There are going to be times that the two aren't going to be around each other." The Vandereich leader leaned forward. "And then there is the fact he hasn't been going to lessons ever since he and Schwarz started a few weeks ago. He hasn't learned anything."

"I wouldn't say that." The woman let out a deep sigh. "Why don't you ask Schwarz where Silbern has been going during lesson time."

The man let out a deep sigh and stood up to walk outside to the courtyard where his two children were playing. Silbern had managed to get up somewhere high. Glancing around he noticed that there was no foothold for climbing. The man spoke in a loud voice. "Silbern, get down now!"

The boy clutched tightly onto the stone the protruded from the wall and shook his head at his father. Schwarz spoke up then. "Silbern doesn't want to come down. He likes going to high places."

The man let out a deep sigh and turned to the younger twin. "Schwarz... how did your brother get up there."

"He says it is something called Hirenkyaku." The boy frowned. "I've watched him do it, but I haven't figured out how he's done it. That isn't fair."

"Why isn't that fair. Neither one of you should have learned Hirenkyaku yet so don't lie to me." The man heard a sudden laugh and looked up at Silbern who had a rather amused look on his face.

"Silbern thinks it is funny that we know..." Schwarz frowned. "I don't get most of what he's saying, but there is something about how he shouldn't know the word yet."

"You mean neither one of you should know what Hirenkyaku means if you haven't yet learned about it in classes." The man let out a deep sigh. He saw that the darker haired twin was frowning still. "What is the matter?"

"It isn't fair." The boy folded his arms across his chest.

"What isn't fair?"

"Silbern is able to learn techniques simply by watching the older students." Schwarz let out a deep sigh. "He just has to watch it once and he's able to do whatever they've done. He also says he's gotten bored with the lessons because even the older students aren't learning anything new, they're just repeating the lessons over and over. So we don't stay for lessons."

The man turned his dark eyes to look at the silver haired child. "Aren't you an interesting child. We'll have to do something this behavior of yours."

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