50. Forgiveness

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Title: Forgiveness
Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Toshiro and Cong Du are the main characters in this one. There are a few others as well.
Summary: They were pardoned... and yet they caused so much pain.
Notes: This one doesn't involve Toshiro getting kidnapped, but it does involve them winning the war. Gin also showed up during the war.
Rating: T


"Why?" Toshir's eyes narrowed at Kyoraku, the corners of his mouth twisting down with frustration. "Why are they being let off like this? It's their fault that Yamamotto is dead. It's their fault Unohana is dead. They trampled on our personal space by taking our Bankai. Despite the fact I've gotten Hyorinmaru back I'm struggling to communicate with him. That was the only good thing that came from having the powers I did... Hyorinmaru."

"On top of this I'm more understanding of why Ichimaru Gin has been pardoned, but the damn idiot's in a comma because he fought way before he'd fully recovered from the Winter War. The only reason he's alive is because nobody expected him to bloody show up. Matsumoto's in a bad mood because he hasn't woken up as well. I also understand why their foot soldiers were pardoned, but not the higher ups."

"Are you finished?" Kyoraku hadn't bothered looking up from his paperwork. "I want you to give them a chance."


"You of all people know what it's like to be ostracized. Actually, the only reason I'm asking this of you is because you come to me upset as you are. I don't believe you're the type of person to hold a grudge though."

"Do you know how much more unfair this makes this?" Toshiro's arms crossed his hest while his lips pushed out into a dissatisfied pout.

Kyoraku stopped writing and looked up, an amused look on his face.

"I know it's not fair. Also, I know this wars taken an even bigger psychological toll on you then the previous one. I'm just glad you're being more open about your feelings this time around. I'd honestly be worried if you hadn't spoken to someone about this."

"It's not as if..." A pair of bright teal eyes darted away from looking at the man. "It's not as if I would do anything stupid."

"Really? Training long hours for days on ends to train your Bankai wasn't stupid? Sure, you didn't negatively effect those around you except to cause your fukutaicho to worry. However, this is the kind of stupid thing I expect you to do, things that could in the long run cause you and only you to seriously get hurt."

Toshiro continued looking away, his bright teal eyes looking right at the floor. "I'll take my leave now."

With a twist the small taicho left the office, heading towards the forth division. He walked through the halls with a frown on his face, his arms across his chest as he stewed about the unfairness of the decision to pardon the members of the other side. He finally arrived at the room Gin was in, the plan being to tell Rangiku that she could take off as much time as needed.

Instead he found her asleep in the chair next to the bed, her figure slumped over the man slightly. Letting out a deep sigh he choose to lean against the door frame and instead watch the two. "Please wake up. I can't deal with her if you don't wake up."

How long he remained there he honestly didn't know, but the sound of two people coming down the hallway caused him to look up. Upon seeing the two people, he found himself suddenly flinching. The dark haired man raised his hand in the air in a form of a greeting while the pale haired man simply stared at him, almost like he was a fly on the wall. "Yo!"

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