66. Like Us

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Title: Like Us
Genre: Angst
Characters: Toshiro, Bazz-B, Cang
Summary: Cang goes in for the killing blow.
Rating: M
Notes: Poor Toshiro.

The Stern Ritter who used fire based attacks watched as Cang approached the obnoxious brat. His hands in his pockets he looked the boy in the eye, noting that the cocky and determined look that was there before was replaced with one of fear. "Be glad it's Cang finishing you off. I would have actually made you suffer before I killed you, particularly since you've managed to really piss me off. I mean, I made it clear that you couldn't beat me? Why did you keep fighting?"

Cang walked over and picked up the child with his left hand, lifting him up off the ground. The boy mouthed that he wanted to live. Bazz-B shook his head. "So that's what that was about? You kept fighting because you didn't want me to kill you? How stupid is that?"

He watched as Cang Du lifted up his weapon then swung it down to make a cleaving blow at the child's neck. However, the blade stopped at the child's neck. Bazz-B felt the corner of his mouth twitch. "What the hell." He stepped forward just in time to catch a whiff of something foul smelling. The man raised an eyebrow as he looked down to see something dripping down the boy's exposed leg. "Seriously... this kid's supposed to be a captain?"

Bazz-B stormed over then and grabbed Cang Du's shoulder. "Look, if you're not going to kill..." The man paused. "Oi, oi... how's that bastard able to do blut?"

"What? You didn't notice something about the last attack he used on you?" Cang Du continued to hold the blade up to the boy's necks.

"I noticed that he was trying to seal me up like that witch sealed up his majesty a thousand years ago. So he's descended from her. Gives us more reason to kill him."

"So you didn't notice."

"Notice what?"

"That the attack was like a broken springer attacked to a broken six sided cross."

"I saw damn snowflakes with lines going to the center."

"You were never good at the basic technique." Cang Du pulled back his weapon. "His majesty suspected this much."

"Suspected what?"

"The said witch as you call her was once his one of his majesties wives. Any child descended from her will also be descended from his majesty like us."

"We're under orders to kill them."

"It isn't as if they can feel his reiatsu anymore." Cang Du's weapon disappeared and he jostled the child onto his shoulder so that he hung over his back. "His majesty plans on giving him a new name thus killing his old self."

"That... still, he's the child of that witch."

"Haschwalth Jugram is also a child of that so called witch. In case you haven't figured out she was his majesties favorite wife."

"Because she bewitched him." Bazz-B shook his head. "And there is no way that kid is Jugram's. I mean..." There came a pause as they began to walk off. "Wait... you mean that bastard is her brother?" It was then that the boy vomited over Cang's back. "Sheesh... this kids a mess. I can't believe some kid this weak could be her brother of all things, let alone from that blood line."


Toshiro drifted in and out. He caught something about how his last attack was like a springer, what ever that was... a broken one at that and how his snowflakes were like broken crosses. He also caught on to the claim that he was a part of their blood line. What was most forefront in her mind though was the fear, the pain as well as the constant thought that he didn't want to die.

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