67. Twisted (553)

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Title: Twisted
Genre: Theoretical
Characters: The Stern Ritter
Summary: The floral cross equates...
Rating: K+
Notes: Nothing really.

Reluctantly Bazz-B watched as Cang Du went to take down the child. Much to his amusement he watched the other member of the Stern Ritter suddenly get the tables turned on him. "Serves him right for taking my prey."

"You have two choices."

"Excuse me?" Bazz-B raised his eyebrows at the boy. "This brat is a piece of work."

"You can die right here with your friend or you can rescue your friend and retreat."

"Friend? Cang Du and I are no friends. The only reason I put up with him is because he is family." Bazz-B watched as the boy stared at him as if he didn't understand. "As if you would understand not doing something to family because they're family."

There came silence as the boy watched him. "I told you that you have two choices."

"I told you that your ice wouldn't be able to hold up to my flames even if you got your Bankai back."

"Prove it."

"Oi! Why do you keep pissing me off!" The man launched an attack off at Toshiro using three fingers, only to have a wall go up between them. The man's eyes widened as the wall melted slowly. "That bitch is unconscious!"

"Yes... she is." A voice came from behind him.

The man turned, cursing then as he attempted to retreat. He felt ice encase one of his legs. "Oi!"

"I told you... you can die with him or you can escape with him. That choice is still open to you."

"Exactly why are you doing this."

"He himself said if you live together you should also die together."

"Oi..." Bazz-B cursed his luck. "You're going to owe me big time Cang Du."

"I don't like either one of you."

The fire user shot off the fire towards the ice, pissed at the situation. Cang Du finally fell out and he scooped the other up over his shoulder. "Sadist." The boy of course didn't flinch. "His highness is going to kill the both of us. Perhaps it was best just to let the kid kill me." He arrived then, noticing that some of the others were retreating. He dumped Cang Du to the ground and nudged him. "Yeah... I really hate you, you know."

Jugram came then and looked like he had a few injuries. Bazz-B narrowed his eyes. "So... this didn't go well. Should we actually..."

"Shut up you moron." Askin's lip twisted up. "His majesty knows what he's doing."

Cang Du began to stir, his skin pale from being frozen and in a few places having burns. He sat up. Bazz-B glared at him as Jugram headed to where they would be meeting their majesty. "I'm guessing you're going to side with his majesty like you always do. He's not going to... oi!"

The man watched as the other stood up and hurried into the room. Instead of getting into line he watched as the man addressed his majesty directly, causing Jugram to glare at him. "Why did you specifically have me steal that boy's Bankai? Why did you want me to kill him?"

"Why are you speaking out against his majesty Cang Du?"

"Let me rephrase my question. Why did you order me to kill your real heir your majesty?"

Silence fell over the room just as Bambietta came into the room, nursing a broken arm. She looked forward, frowning as she did so as a few of the females mentioned the fact Cang Du was acting out. Bazz-B shook his head. "I'm guessing getting frozen in the ice and then flash freed by my fires has caused you to go crazy."

Cang Du turned to glare at him and instead he turned back towards his majesty which meant that his majesty also expected the man in question to act out. "That child is his child."

"Now why would you say that child is his child. There is no way of confirming it is there?"

"The symbol of that child's zampaktuo is the floral cross." Cang Du became more agitated. "It is her symbol and it is her element. He was her son and that child is his son."

Juhabach then stood, walking towards the man causing the others to flinch. "Where do your loyalties lie Cang Du?"

"You know where my loyalties lie."

"Well... why else would your ability take on the serpentine nature it unless your loyalties lie in that direction." The man narrowed his eyes at Cang Du. "You were the only one who could confirm my suspicions. Do I have to explain what I want you to do?"

"I refuse to kill that child. You will have to kill me instead." The tension grew.

Juhabach raised an eyebrow. "I don't have time to be amused with you right now. Why would I want that child dead? I just wanted you to confirm what I suspected. The fact though you are willing to die to protect this child confirms what I suspect. I will be taking my leave with my Stern Ritter A now."

Silence fell over to the room until they left. Bambietta narrowed her eyes. "What just happened?"

"That's what I would like to know!" Bazz-B snapped at the others. "Look, I know that you won't go against his majesty Haschwalth, but that half-breed is still named as his heir and now Cang Du is claiming that child is one of us let alone his majesties real heir."

"That's because that child is his majesties real heir."

Askin let out a laugh. "His majesty doesn't trust us to take care of his precious grand baby. Well, that's not true. He likely does trust Cang Du to throw down his life for this babe, but he won't be a good regent. Jugram would love to take charge of his twin brother's child but I for the life of my don't as I hate leadership positions. Thing is the only Quincy that child trusts though is that so called half-breed you detest so much. He doesn't trust any of us."

"Wait... if he's Haschwalth's twin brother's child then that means..." Bambietta frowned.

"What I would like to know is why Cang Du lost the Bankai with the kid touched that black pill."

"The others also lost theirs, that's why they aren't back."

Bambietta shook her head. "Nothing happened to me when they touched the black pill."

Cang Du frowned before looking away. "It may have to do with that wench and her blood also being in your twos blood line.'

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