5. Pure One

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Title: Pure One

Genre: Horror

Characters: Bambietta Basterbine, Komamura Sajin

Summary: BB reveals exactly what a Pure One is out of pure boredom during her fight with Komamura Sajin.

Rating: M

Date Posted: 07/25/12

Pure One

The female child looked right at the dog like captain in front of her. Under normal circumstances a dog person would be considered cute, but in this situation there was nothing cute about the thing. It was huge and bulky. Dog persons were supposed to be around the size of regular people or smaller. They were also supposed to be of cuter breeds of dogs with big floppy ears and long, fluffy waggly tails.

On top of this the dog persons's Bankai was boring as well as his Shikai. It was just one big old cumbersome beast that smashed things into putty. There was no cutting things neatly in half or nice neat cuts. Bambietta raised a small hand to her mouth before letting out a deep yawn. The dog person raised an eyebrow at her action. "I take it you are not enjoying this fight despite the fact you have the advantage."

With one eye closed and one open and looking straight at him she paused in mid yawn. "Smashing things isn't fun. I like cutting and dicing things up. However... I know something that will spice things up."

The girl's small hand reached up to her open eye and then slowly moved it to the side. The site Komamura and his fukutaicho saw caused them to flinch. Upon the girls face was a Hollow mask that covered the upper corner of her face. It was adorned with blood red coloring under the eyes like the mask of an oni and the make up was blood red in color. Bambietta stuck out her tongue. "Do you know what color I like better then the color of blood?"

The fukutaicho spoke up. "I thought the Quincy hated Hollows and sought to destroy all of them."

Bambietta's eyes narrowed at Komamura as she continued to smirk at him. "Having Hollow powers isn't the same as being a Hollow. Hollows are no better then animals. But I see why you would sympathize with them as you are an animal yourself."

The girl's eyes sent a familiar chill down his spine. "You didn't answer my question doggie about what my favorite color is." At this she materialized a reaper and fire appeared on the edge. "I like the color of fire doggie because watching things burn is as much fun as chopping them up."

With that, she licked her lips.

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