33. Daughter Mine

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Title: Daughter Mine

Genre: Angst

Characters: Gin and Bambietta

Summary: Gin is dragged back and yet doesn't interact with his and Rangiku's daughter, much to the girl's displeasure.

Rating: K+

Daughter Mine

Bambietta moved through the ice palace towards the gate in order to greet her uncle when he returned from the trip her grandfather had sent him on. A smile was on her face as the gate opened, but then faltered when she saw that he was pulling behind him a silver haired man. Her curiosity perked and she spoke up. "Who is he?"

The man paused, looking at her in surprise. "I really should report to his majesty first Bambietta."

"But you of all people never bring prisoners back unless you've been ordered. You were on a scouting mission." The girl found herself suddenly following behind him as he dragged the man to where her grandfather's study. She could see the man more clearly and noted that he was missing an arm and that he was unconscious. Her lips pushed together as she noted the circles under the man's eyes. "Who is he?"

Schwarz paused again. "Didn't I tell you that I had to speak with him first?"

"I'm coming with you then." The girl piped up.

"No." The man stated as he pulled the man forward. The girl still followed after him and slipped into the room as he entered the study.

Juhabach glanced up, his eyes suddenly darkening. "How..."

"He happened to be hiding among where the Hollows live. I knocked him out and brought him back home." Schwarz glanced down at the figure. "Age hasn't tamed his wildness, but his injuries have made him weaker then me and put me at an advantage. I think quite a few members of the Stern Ritter could take him out easily in is present state."

"Present state?" The man carefully walked over and looked down at the man. "His arm is missing."

"So I've noticed."

"Who is he?" Bambietta spoke up again.

However, before any of the males could speak up, the silver haired man opened his eyes, the irises a red color. The silver haired man moved to attack Juhabach, only to find himself slammed into the bookcase. A few books fell onto the floor and he found himself glaring straight into the man's eyes/ The large man glowered back at him. "Is that any way to greet your father?"

The man simply continued to glare at the man, the red color in his eyes deepening. The small female spoke up. "So... this man is my father? His coloring is lighter then grandfather and uncle, not to mention his eyes are a strange color."

The red color started to leave the man's eyes and they turned to a pale teal eye. The man looked right at the girl. "You..."

"Your daughter." Juhabach stated firmly. "Do you want her to see us get into a fight? Of course, knowing you as well as I do you aren't one to back down until someone beats some sense into you."

The man however made no move to react and his father let go of him. The silver haired man sunk to the ground and his one good hand touched his throat. "What do you want from me? Why did you send Schwarz after me?"

"I didn't send Schwarz after you. I didn't expect you to be where I sent him to scout. The fact he found you is just a bonus." The man narrowed his eyes. "Where is your son and the mother of your children?"

"None of your damn business." Gin snapped the words out.

Bambietta suddenly lunged at him, wrapping her small arms around his neck in an attempt to hug him. The silver haired man tried pushing her away. "Aren't you glad to see me?"

"I prefer my personal space please."

The small female pulled away in shock, while Schwarz suddenly turned and glared at his brother. "What is wrong with you?"

"I'd rather keep my distance and not get close."

The small female blinked a couple of times. Her grandfather spoke up, looking right at his dark haired son. "Take Silbern and get him cleaned up and fresh clothes. Make sure he stays within the family quarters and doesn't wander off like he is apt to. Keep him from getting into trouble for once."

Gin suddenly felt his brother yank him up and away. He found himself healed up and locked away in the room he used as a child. A few days later the door opened and he could see a bright teal eye peeking in to see him. He found himself letting out a deep sigh before looking away. The next thing he knew the small female was tiptoeing closer to him.

He suddenly felt the female grab his one arm and lean in close. "Tou-san?"

"I'm not someone you want to get close to. Go somewhere and play."

Bambietta however continued to latch onto his arm and after a few minutes he found himself forcing her out through the door before shutting the door on her face. He then went and sat on the bed and pinched the bridge of his nose. A few hours later his brother came in to see him. "I'll ask again, what is wrong with you. She is your daughter."

"She might as well be yours with how long it has been since I've seen her. I think you also know as well as everyone else that I'll just be a disappointment. Plus, she doesn't need me."


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