9. Pure Ire

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Title: Pure Ire

Genre: Drama

Characters: Aizen, Hikifune

Summary: Time to turn back the pendulum to see an event in the past.

Rating: K+

Date Posted: 07/31/12

Pure Ire

The taicho of the twelfth division walked through the wooden hall ways with Hiyori hot on her heals. The girl was moody as Hikifune would only be a few more days at her post before she was transferred up to the ranks of the Zero Squad. She came to a particular corner and paused upon seeing a man with glasses standing there. "Congratulations on making it into the Zero Squad."

"Are you really here to congratulate me or are you here to speak to me about something?" The woman smiled despite the fact she of all people knew Aizen Sosuke's personality all to well as she happened to have watched him grew up. While he hid a certain fluke in his personality from most of the world she had always seen it. "Hiyori, there is some paper work that I would like you to finish in the office."

The small shinigami blinked a couple of times before heading off without complaining. Aizen then spoke up. "How is it that you've ended up in the Zero Squad?"

"Are you doubting my abilities?" The woman shook her head. "Or do you doubt your own."

"I don't doubt either." Aizen glanced at her. "However, what am I missing that you have?"

"Well, for starers I have a Bankai while you do not."

"I have a Bankai." The man scoffed.

"There is a difference between creating an illusion of a Banka and really having one." Hikifune shook her head. "As long as there are captains that know that your zampaktuo's true identity is that of illusion rather then water based then you won't move up to the rank of captain either. And if you don't have Bankai you won't be able to get what is needed to be in the Zero Squad. Actually, what is needed is lost."

"Then tell the future generations as the generation that is in the Zero Squad will eventually age and no longer be able to guard the royal family due to age."

The woman let out a deep sigh. "We've always been sworn to secrecy on this matter."

"Yet I know that you were asked to join as soon as you gained a Hollow form." Aizen glared now at the woman.

"Mind you, you should keep that to yourself. There is another element that is missing from the academies curriculum that has been missing for many years now, long before you joined the academy. And still, if you don't have a good communication with your zampatkuo you will not have a good communication with your inner Hollow. If you were to achieve a Hollow form we would likely have to kill you."

"None of your words are justified. You can't assume that I'll fail to control my Hollow as simply as that."

"I know what I am talking about. Don't try to press your luck."

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