38. My Sister

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Title: My Sister

Genre: Family/Mild Romance

Characters: Ryuken, Masaki and Isshin

Summary: Ryuken is over protective of Masaki and doesn't like the idea of Isshin being around, but he finds himself being able to deal with it.

Notes: So I've seen one or more one-shots cropping up where the summary says the story features one-sided Ryuken/Masaki, I'm honestly not surprised as it is possible to come to the conclusion that Ryuken has romantic feelings for Masaki, though I don't agree that interpretation is right. There is at this point no indicator that he thinks of her as a sibling, but I do think that is the way he thinks of her.

Rating: K+

My Sister

The idea of marrying Masaki was something that churned his stomach and in the long run wasn't something that he wanted to think about, but every so often it would crop up. What other option though did they have as they needed to maintain the Quincy bloodline and make it so that they would continue on as they were. It was something that had been drilled in to his head as well as the half-Quincy hybrids... there would always be a line of purity to rule over them.

In truth nothing seemed right about the situation and he was constantly trying to think of a way out. Masaki was... well, there was the age gap to start with. The girl was in high school and he was in college and preparing to become a doctor so he could support his future family. Supposidly this future family would have Masaki as the mother and him as the head, but that honestly didn't feel right.

There was also the fact he had watched her grow up from the time she was a tiny baby. He felt a love of a kind for her and if they did indeed marry he guessed it could grow into something more, but the love he felt was honestly that of a brother towards his sister. This wasn't something he could explain to his mother, who felt that the Quincy line needed to continue no matter what and he didn't know how to address his father.

And then there was Katigiri, the untouchable. He had known her since childhood and had grown up with her. She was untouchable because her bloodline was impure. Those of pure blood were to run in the social circles of the pure blood, they were the socially elliete. But there was also the fact that a pure blood having a relationship with a gemischt would only end up tainting the bloodline, thus causing them to never have a chance.

Katigiri had honestly believed that Ryuken had been quite happy with marrying Masaki because he would be marrying her out of love, but then he had to go and tell her that he only cared about the Quincy's future. She of course took it the wrong way and thought he meant that he was choosing to marry Masaki to keep the bloodline pure, but in truth that wasn't what he had been thinking at all. No, he was thinking that he would void the contract his and Masaki's families had agreed to.

And why would he think this? In truth he had in the long run thought about the Quincy's future and realized that there would be no point for him and Masaki marrying as they were the only ones of a pure bloodline. So it went without saying that their children would not be able to marry anyone of pure blood. If she so choose to marry him when she came of age, then he would agree to the marriage, but only then.

And truth be told he hoped that Masaki would out right refuse. He did of course see her as a sister and found himself wanting to chase all the males around her away not because he was jealous, but because that over protective brother syndrome would kick in and he couldn't stand the idea of any male touching or harming his sister. Which is why he became as angry as he did with that particular Shinigami.

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