56. Always Two

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Title: Always Two

Genre: Reflection

Characters: Ichigo, Toshiro, Bambietta

Summary: There are snide comments made about Ichigo's zampaktuo. Takes place after the war and tenth division is the way it used to be.

Rating: K+

Notes: At least one person has told me that the "from the shadows" thing surprised them. I recently discussed something with by brother involving the zampaktuo arc and how Ichigo's attack was no longer tainted black once he separated from dark Zangetsu. People thought this was a mistake on the part of the Animators just as they thought it was a mistake for Soifon to refer to the first division fukutaicho as having a captain level zampaktuo. I have a theory behind why tenth is still around despite recent changes but I'm not going to be able to go into that one in this one-shot.

Always Two

Ichigo walked through the tenth division to visit the small shinigami he had come to see as a younger brother. As he passed by a couple of shinigami he over heard them speaking. "Did you hear about the substitute shinigami?"

"I heard that he's Shiba Isshin's son and that's where the previous taicho disappeared too."

"Does he take after his father or his father's twin? He does look like his uncle before he died."

The other female waved her hand. "No, no. While he's cute like his uncle his powers are wind based like his aunt and his hair is orange. Plus, rumor has it his powers are tainted black by the fact he's like those captains that came back before this mess with the Quincy."

"Actually... my hollow side isn't like Shinji and the others because I was actually born with it as my mother was attacked by a hollow before I was born that was pretty much black from head to toe." Ichigo scratched his head.

"He does look like him but with orange hair!" The one that had been gossiping about his powers eyes suddenly turned wide and her hands clasped together causing the orange haired teen to frown, the behavior confusing him.

The other girl also developed a blush on her cheeks and stammered out what she wanted to say. "But wouldn't that explain why your powers are black?"

"If that were true then my powers would still be black when the other Zangetsu was pulled out by Muramasa leaving the Hollow Zangetsu inside of me. No... the fact my wind based powers are tinted black comes from my other Zangetsu."

Both of the female shinigami became existed. "You mean Shiba-dono has a dual zampaktuo!"

"That is so amazing!"

"My last name is Kurosaki, not Shiba. My father took my mother's name."

"But still! A dual zampaktuo spirit!"

"Only two others have ever done that!"

One of the female's paused. "But wait... why's your abilities tainted black?"

"I think that's the Quincy side of my blood line." The two females looked at him in horror. "What? I would assume that if those rumors are going around about me that people would also be talking about how my mother was also a Quincy." The two continued to stare at him. "Look... where's Toshiro?"

"Captain Hitsugaya?"

"He's been ranting and raving in his office."

"That's where the rumors are coming from."

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