41. Perfect Blood Line II

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Title: Perfect Blood Line

Genre: Angst

Characters: Toshiro, Karin and others.

Summary: Sequel to Perfect Bloodline

Notes: Nothing I can think of

Rating: K+

Perfect Blood Line II

Toshiro found himself scooped up by his uncle and hauled off to a room. He found himself shoving the man's arm away in irritation before looking around the room. The room seemed to be put together specifically for someone his physical age, but in reality it was not at all to his tastes. The door clicked behind him and he went over to one of the shelves and knocked the toys over in frustration. He then slammed his fist into the wall before collapsing on the bed.

His hands came up to his forehead and leaned over to try and make his head stop spinning from the information given. "It's not fair. He has no right to do this to any of us."

He then found himself lying on his side and curling up on the bed and taking deep breaths. Eventually the door opened up and he uncovered one eye to look at the man. "Bambietta's returned. You should change your clothing."

"What ever for? So I look like all of you?" The man glared at the boy before going and grabbing the boy under the arm and hauling him up. The boy let the man drag him and frowned at the walls. Eventually they came back to the throne room just in time for him to see Karin holding onto her trembling sister as she glared at the man. Toshiro tried moving forward to help the two girls, only to have his uncle grab his arm. "Don't make a fool of yourself."

The man then pulled him over to the gathering and Karin looked up. "Toshiro! What..." He watched as she paused in what she was saying. She took a deep breath. "Why are you here?"

Toshiro opened his mouth, only to glance away. "I'm not the only one they brought from Soul Society."

Karin took a deep breath. "The others..."

"Other shinigami children. Though I had them bring him here specifically." Juhabach folded his fingers and looked right after her. "This child is..."

"I am not!" Toshiro snapped the words out of his mouth. He felt his uncle suddenly grip his shoulder and tighten it. His own hands tightened at his sides and he glanced away.

The man let out a deep sigh. "Do you girls like stories?"

Yuzu's attention suddenly perked up. "You mean like fairy tails or love stories?"

"Yes... why don't we go to my study and I'll tell you two a story." The man stood up and Toshiro followed.

Karin dropped back to speak to him as Bambietta walked next to Yuzu and pointed out all the sites. She opened her mouth to ask him what was going on, but noticed how close his uncle stuck to him. Finally they came to the study and they were bid to take seats. Toshiro found himself forced into a chair by his uncle, only to have Bambietta bounce over to sit next to him in the big chair while Karin and Yuzu shared one. It was then that Toshiro realized his grandfather was a very large man.

"So... as for the story." The man sat down and crossed his legs. "Once upon a time there was a princess of a kingdom. Those in charge of running the kingdoms laws decided to sentence a particular group of people to death called the Quincy, but she didn't want to put up with it so she left with the man and ended up eventually marrying him."

"The princess and the man had a sit of twin boys, one as dark as the night sky and one as silvery as the moon in that sky. The silver haired twin was the eldest and both twins were considered to be both part Quincy as well as being part Shinigami as that is what the other people in the Kingdom who were not to be sentenced to death would be called. Shinigami."

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