Bad Homecoming

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Title: Bad Homecoming

Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort

Characters: Toshiro, Bambietta and other female family members. Juhabach and Cong as well.

Summary: What do you do when you find out your twin is the worst of both your parents?

Notes: Again, Toshiro is kidnapped during a second run. I'm actually not surprised with Bambietta's characterization in chapter 544. She's got Gin's sadistic side as well as his liking for cutting people in half. She's also got Rangiku's bad trait of using her sexual appeal to manipulate guys. Also, I was originally trying to write a different one-shot called "Harrassment", but it ended up taking a different turn. So I'll try going about that one a different way. Actually... this one shot had a mind of its own and wasn't very nice to me when I tried controlling the direction it went in.

Rating: T

Bad Homecoming

Two guards stood on either side of the white haired child as they hauled him into the court. Toshiro's mouth was turned up into a scowl as he took in his surroundings with his bright teal eyes. His entire body was tense and his head ached from the head injury he had received during the Vandenreich's second attack. His arms were bound behind him and once they arrived at the front, he found himself thrown in front of the commander of the opposing army.


"Welcome?" The words came out of Toshiro's mouth despite the fact he knew full well his best option was to say nothing as saying something, anything could make things worse for him.

"Something wrong here with me welcoming you here?"

Toshiro looked up at the man despite the fact there was a presence about Juhabach that caused him to inwardly tremble. "It's not common to welcome ones prisoner."

"Prisoner? You're not a prisoner. Untie him. They aren't necessary."

The small boy glared at the man. "If I'm not a prisoner, what am I?"

"Consider yourself at this point to be a guest. You're allowed to go anywhere in this building, but you aren't allowed to go outside."

"Expanding my range of freedom from what a prisoner would normally expect doesn't change the fact I am a prisoner." The air in the room had slowly been increasing in tension, but these words from Toshiro caused a sudden spike to occur. Something though was preventing anyone from speaking up about the fact they felt he was being impolite with the hospitality.

"No. You're now Stern Ritter C."

Toshiro found himself suddenly blinking. "Say what?"

The tension broke then and a murmuring went through the room. While he couldn't hear what was being said, he knew the mans declaration had greatly upset the members of the Vandenreich. Looking around, he could feel quite a few people giving him nasty death glares and for a few seconds the pain in his head increased and his vision blurred. He then turned back to the man.

"Stern Ritter are the higher ups here."

"So you pretty much want to try and control me?" Toshiro's eyes narrowed and he flared out his reiatsu despite the fact it took a toll on him due to his injuries. "See here. You can't simply make me change sides like this. Not to mention I won't fight against the Shinigami. Since none of your soldiers have mind to say this, what the hell are you thinking."

"You do realize that you're now in a position that you can't fight for either side?"

"I was in a position not to fight for my side simply by me being your prisoner. And of course I won't ever fight for your side." Toshiro rubbed his wrists, his eyes turning to look right and Ishida Uryu. "Stupid old geezers." He then purposefully sat down on the floor in the traditional manner. "Just stick me in a damn jail cell already. That, or kill me. I've no interest in serving the purpose of amusing you or your men. That's why I am here, is it not."

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