21. Heat Wave

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Title: Heat Wave

Genre: Family

Characters: Toshiro, Schwarz, Rangiku, Bambietta, Jach Bach

Summary: Toshiro's world is turned upside down when he is "Snatched" away from Rangiku's side.

Rating: M

Date Posted: 10/02/12

Heat Wave

The man that stood in front of the small taicho of the tenth division seemed familiar for some strange reason. A hood covered the man's head, but the boy could see a few strands of black hair peeking out from under neath the cloth. Something felt strange ever since the man appeared in front of him. Perhaps it had been the lack of fear that the man's aura caused him to feel that caused him to make the dumb move of releasing his Bankai as he absentmindedly threw caution to the wind.

A panic then set in when he could no longer hear Hyorinmaru speaking in the back of his head, guiding him as he moved along. The boy quickly regained his composure and told Rangiku what to do. When this was finished he glanced back at the man. "I should be angry that someone stole Hyorimaru away from me, but for some reason I'm simply upset that he is gone and I can't for the life of me direct any form of anger at this man."

Toshiro found himself side stepping and watching the man carefully and took note that the man was watching him carefully back. Despite the fact the entire Soul Society was in danger and he had lost his zampaktuo spirit he didn't feel that his life was in danger. "This is not time to get cocky. I'm likely only thinking this because I have Matsumoto with me. I can't always rely on her to protect me."

Narrowing his eyes suddenly, he thought carefully about the situation. "He happens to be a Quicny so he'll specialize in long range style of fighting, so it will do me well to get in close to fight. He may very well have the ability to fight short range when necessary to limited capacity like Ishida, but I should still be able to cause some sort of damage."

Toshiro then found himself moving in to try and land a blow. As soon as he came close though, he found the man moving to use hand to hand combat. Caught of guard, he felt the back hand of the man's fist suddenly hit him hard across the side of his face. He found his body twisting and suddenly hitting the ground in a roll as the wall he was thrown into broke. He pushed himself up, frustration spreading across his face.

"Taicho?" Rangiku's voice reached him. As he reached to pick up his blade again he heard the busty female moving to confront the enemy. As he stood up and looked back towards the man he found his eyes going wide as the man knocked Rangiku to the side. He could feel his lips curling up in disgust.

"You don't treat women like that."

The man however payed him no mind and Toshiro found himself moving forward in order to attack the man again. To his surprise he was backhanded again, likely because he let his temper get the best of him. He could feel his back bending and his body then hitting the ground. The man still hadn't revealed his face, yet something was feeling strange.

The man stepped towards Rangiku as she suddenly stood up. The position she was in allowed her to suddenly see the man's face and her eyes went wide and a bit of fear flickered across her face. The woman swallowed and she was suddenly hit backwards, the power causing her to travel far. The small taicho couldn't help but notice that the man was taking things father with her.

"You..." The man suddenly found himself attacked from the side only to have to elbow Toshiro in the stomach and away from him. "As I was saying, you recognize who I am so why don't you go ahead and tell the boy who I am."

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