15. E Stands for...

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Title: E Stands for...

Genre: General

Characters: Juha, Silbern and Schwarz... can you guess who the second two are?

Summary: Silbern was the original E among the Stern Ritter

Rating: T

Date Posted: 8/31/2012

E Stands for...

Schwarz found himself leaning against a stone pillar. Ever since he was a young child his twin brother happened to get special training from their father and the young man's training had proceeded very fast. There mother had also stepped in and taught Silbern some things herself. The dark haired twin found himself jealous of the fact Silbern was getting more attention but he also found himself jealous of the fact Silbern was becoming distant from him despite the fact he actually spoke now.

Awhile back his father had given Silbern a place among the Stern Ritter and Schwarz's curiosity was perked. He waited behind the pillar, waiting for them to come past so he could sneak into the meeting as his brother had been called today, something he wasn't always called forward despite the fact he was a member of the Ritter. He found himself heading into the room and peering around the puller to see what was going on.

Their father set on his throne, watching the other members enter while Silbern stood on the right hand side, that crazy grin upon his face. Schwarz found himself focusing on his twin. Others began to line up and finally a prisoner was brought forward. "So, you were planning on going back to Soul Society?"

"It isn't as if there is anything for us here. The only children who happen to be maintaining the same strength as our generation are your own, the others aren't anywhere near as strong and we all know why that is! They're half-breed filth." The man shouted out.

Schwarz found himself suddenly blinking in confusion as to what the man meant. Silbern suddenly spoke up. "Mutti isn't filth."

The dark haired twin found himself flinching upon hearing his brother bring up his mother. The man however stammered out some more words. "I wasn't meaning the ladyship... I mean..."

"You were referring to the fact Silbern is a psychotic and mental?" Juha leaned forward on his arm. "And what about my other son?"

"Schwarz and I are two different people." The other boy stated, the smile still on his face. "If they are weak then why don't I play with them?"

"You'll play with who I want you to play with. I've told you this game is only for this room and only when I say so," their father said, giving his silver haired child a dark look. The man then turned to the man in front of him. "I am going to ask what you were planning on doing to be allowed back into Soul Society? Give away our position? That is what would be needed to get back there."

"It isn't as if..." The man speaking paused, suddenly looking at Silbern with fear.

"Do you have anything to say?" Juha asked. "Well then, I ask the other Stirn Ritter to pass judgement on you."

Schwarz watched as the other Stirn Ritter gave thumbs down. Silbern suddenly manifested a rather large scythe in his hands. "This means I can play with him?"

The lord of the Vandenreich nodded his head and the man fell over, backing away. "Please. No. Stay away from me. You monster!"

The dark haired twin watched as the man backed away from his other half. Silbern smiled at the man. "I'm The E. That means I am the executioner." The blade of the scythe suddenly came down and split the man own the middle from top to bottom. The boy suddenly waved at the man. "Bye bye. It was nice playing with you. I hope we get to play again."

Schwarz suddenly swung around to the other side of the pillar as he tried to process what he had just seen. A hand clasped to his mouth as bile crept up his throat. He couldn't help but lean over to vomit. He could hear is father speak. "Someone clean up his trash."

Two small feet were suddenly in front of him. "Are you all right Schwarz? Do you want to play?" The boy glanced up and looked into the cold teal of his brother's eyes. The look he saw in the narrowed eyes was much different then he had seen before. He felt himself tremble suddenly. "I won't play like that. That hurts and I don't want to hurt you. You're family so I'm not allowed to play in that manner with you."

"Schwarz... are you there?" The Vandenreich leader called out to the boy. Reluctantly the boy stepped out to look at his father, a frown on his face. "I wouldn't have known you were there if it weren't for Silbern. You know I told you not to come to the meeting that Silbern comes to. I should have said it would be all right to come to a meeting he didn't if it would have satisfied your curiosity."

The man then turned his head to Silbern. "Why don't you go see your mother child."

The other boy raised his hand. "Bye bye brother. Don't tell mother. We're not supposed to talk to her about this."

Schwarz turned to speak to his father then. "Does mother know that you're having Silbern kill people."

"The term is execute Schwarz. Also, she does know. Hearing about it makes her ill... just like your face has turned green."

"Why are you making him do this!" The other boy snapped his words out.

"Silbern enjoys this kind of activity. It is just the way he is. You've always known he was different. Be glad you aren't like him and that you are a normal child."

"Does he understand what he is doing?"

"He knows full well what his job is."

The other boy clenched his fists together. "I don't like this."

"Can you come up with an argument about why its wrong. Executions are executions. It is what happens to traitors."

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