59. 550a

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Title: 550a

Genre: Theoretical

Characters: Toshiro, Granny, Rangiku

Summary: There is a secret behind BG9

Rating: T

Notes: I'm not telling my brother about BG9 from this chapter. :P He's too excited about him being Gin. I'll wait until the "truth" is revealed for sure to break it too him.

The shot pierced the child's chest, his eyes going wife from both shock and pain. His teeth gritted together to prevent himself from yelling out in pain. The wound area didn't just hurt but had a burning sensation. He could also feel his muscles not wanting to work the way he wanted them too. He then felt soft hands catching him as he fell backwards as well as Rangiku's rather large chest cushioning him. His blade clattered to the ground.


"Lady... you should just abandon the brat. He'll just be dead weight for you." Toshiro could still see the man and the corner of his mouth twisted up. He could feel Rangiku take his right arm over her shoulder to support him. "There is no way you can escape with him like he is."

"Roar, Haineko." The small taicho watched as ash spread out between them, blocking the man from seeing them. The next thing he knew Rangiku was moving away at a quick pace. She paused for a bit to move him so he was hanging over her shoulder so she could move faster.

The boy peered over her shoulder. "Matsumoto..."

"Taicho... I'm going to be getting you out of here. Just hang in there."

"You should just leave me."

"He wants to kill you."

"He wants to kill both of us." There was a pause and then he spoke again. "I'm sorry for being such a pain."

"Taicho... you're not a pain. I'm... I'm going to take you away from here." She spoke softly, hiding her reiatsu. She could feel that his had dropped. "How are you doing."


"You're lying." The child taicho's grip tightened. Rangiku then spoke in a calm manner. "Tell me the truth."

"It hurts pretty bad. I've gotten cut before, but I've never been pierced. There's also this burning sensation. I also feel..." The boy closed his eyes. The woman paused, letting some of the Vandenreich pass by.

"Do you think we can get out to the Rukongai."

"If we get out to the Rukongai we'll worry the souls there."

"It's the only safe place." Rangiku kept moving, worried that her small taicho had stopped speaking. She somehow managed to slip out to the Rukongai and headed to the child's grandmother's place. She stepped over the thresh hold and saw the little old lady.

"What is going on?" There was a pause. "Why is my grandson's spiritual pressure the way it is? It's as if he's missing part of himself."

"That..." Rangiku knelt down to the ground and tilted the boy onto the mat. His eyes had closed and he was breathing to the best of his ability as one of his lungs had been pierced. She reached down and touched his face causing the boy's eyes to open though slightly glazed. "Hi taicho! I'm going to begin healing treatment."

She carefully pulled the left side of the uniform away revealing the hole through the boy's chest. She could see the burns around the edge. She frowned then as she wondered what she could do. Letting out a sigh she worked on closing up the injury. She felt a small hand reach up and touch her hand. "It's all right you know. I'm going to survive this. It just really hurts."

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