11. Whom

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Title: Whom

Genre: Suspense

Characters: Urahara, the "gang" and a few surprises

Summary: Who was it that pointed their blade at Urahara's neck?

Rating: K+

Date Posted: 08/01/12


The man with the striped hat knew that The J wasn't joking when he said he would use the last of his strength to kill the small group in Hueco Mundo. He also knew that while he could protect himself with his zampaktuo's ability he honestly could not protect the others. However, as he was standing there watching Kirge, the Vandenreich was split down the metal in half.

The next thing he knew a blade was at his throat and his eyes looked straight at the person. At first his mouth opened but then spread into a smirk. "Well, well... I didn't expect you of all people... Ichimaru Gin."

The man with the silver hair looked at Urahara, a frown plastered over his face. "Ney... I didn't want to be bothered. I think you know that very well."

The striped hat man took in the figure in front of him and noticed that he was using his left arm instead of the right which was missing. Urahara also couldn't help but note that the man's hair had gone from a pale silver color to a completely white color which had increased in length. "Do you really think I was trying to bother you?"

"You're a person who happens to plan out everything Urahara-san. You of all people knew that you could find me here and knew that your presence would draw me out." The man's pale teal eyes were open slightly as he glared at the man.

"It's rather sad that you lost that nice smile of yours Gin-chan." The man let out a deep sigh.

"Ichimaru? What are you up to?" A voice came to their ears before pausing.

Chad suddenly raised an eyebrow. "Ashido-san?"

"I guess instead of asking what trouble my friend is getting up to I should probably ask what is going down in Soul Society." The man folded his arms across his chest before turning his head to look at the silver-haired man. "Ichimaru... you know that Urahara has to be here because something isn't going well."

Pesche blinked a couple of times before pointing his finger right at Ichimaru. "You do realize he worked with Aizen?"

"So?" There was a pause of silence as Ichimaru retained his blade at Urahara's neck. Ashido let out a deep sigh. "News spread fast among the Hollows that he is a double traitor. If it weren't for that I wouldn't know a thing."

Chad piped up with a question. "Aren't you out to destroy as many Hollows as possible?"

"I'm here to send the Hollows on to Soul Society or hell, which ever way they can go. Truth of the matter is..." There was another pause and Ashido walked over and placed a hand on his companions shoulder. "They aren't a threat, you can withdraw your blade."

Ichimaru complied without saying a word but retained a rather cautious look on his face. Ashido then spoke up. "What I was saying was that having a companion that doesn't speak much is better then having none, and having some of the Arrancar who have a good heart in their heads is also not a bad thing either. So, what is going on?"

Orihime opened her mouth. "A group of Quincy decided to attack Soul Society."

Ichimaru glanced up suddenly. "What about Rin-chan and Shiro-chan?"

Urahara stood up. "Akon told me that Hitsugaya Taicho was one of the captains who lost his Bankai."

"Then I'm going back. I don't care if I'm executed for being a traitor."

"What about your arm?" Orihime piped up.

The silver-haired man glared at her. "I can fight well enough without it."

"Yes... you took out one of them rather easily." Urahara sighed. "But you'll be able to fight better if Orihime-chan restores your arm to its original state of actually existing!"

Gin maintained a bit of silence but remained where he was while the girl from the living world did what she did best.

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