44. The Lies We Tell

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Title: The Lies We Tell

Genre: General, Slice of Life

Characters: Mostly various Vandenriech and Toshiro

Summary: The lies that have been told... the half truths that eat away at the soul. Toshiro is finding himself being thrown into a pit of lies without realizing it.

Rating: K+

Notes: I have a few one-shots partially written and I have others that I'm going to write despite not necessarily being compliant with later chapters, but this is inspired by 543. Pretty much I'm working out some kinks in the theories I came up with. Not that it matters whether the theories I come up with turn out true. That's part of the fun of theoretical work. Also... I ask for a bit of willing suspense of disbelief when it comes to this particular chapter. The Vandenriech has attacked soul society again and taken Toshiro away. Also, a bit of shuffling with the relationships for this one. :D

The Lies We Tell

Toshiro sat on the floor of the jail cell, his knees folded up to his chest, his chin resting on his knees. His stomach was tumbling from the stress as he fumed over the fact he hadn't been strong enough in the latest attack to protect his division and had even gone so far as to have been captured. What he found himself fuming the most over was the fact he had been captured by someone he had considered a friend.

Ishida Uryu had shown up, causing the young Shinigami to question his actions simply because he viewed the Quincy as a friend. He also verbally questioned the physically older male about why he was doing it, but only received the typical response about the Quincy honor. Thus he had ended up captured, the sting of his defeat made worse due to the fact he had trusted the young man as an ally, but to be honest he should have also been smart enough to see it happening.

He also found himself wishing more then he ever had that Ichigo would have shown up, but his training with Zero Squad wasn't complete. Of course, there was the fact it was honestly advantageous to move before Ichigo came back. That was the best strategy that came to Toshiro's mind as he sat there in the cell thinking about his plight, not wanting to think about what would happen to him or his friends back in Soul Society.

The door opened and the boy looked up to see Uryu approaching him. A frown pressed forward on the boy's lips. "Traitor."

"Excuse me?" Uryu looked at the boy in surprise. "I don't have ties to Soul Society."

Toshiro frowned, thinking about the others words for a bit, thinking also about why he had chosen to call him a traitor. "I trusted you."

"I know that."

The small Shinigami felt his throat tighten. "You know that? You don't care about the fact because I am a Shinigami?"

The blue haired teen looked at him, frowning. "Trust isn't always about doing what the person wants, but it is always about doing what is best for said person."

"Don't give me that shit. Best for me?" Toshiro narrowed his eyes at Uryu. "Why do I get the idea that this only applies towards myself? If so, why am I being singled out."

There came another silence as the boy watched the physically older male. The blue haired teen leaned against the wall. "At this point what you need to know is that your safe and no harm will come to you. Things are complicated."

"Let me make it clear that I am not some child who needs protection Ishida." Two bright eyes continued to look at the other.

"Let me make it clear despite the fact you believe otherwise that you are still a child. That is why I'm doing what I am doing."

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