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This a one-shot collection I created based on the theories my brother and I have been discussing about where the final arc of Bleach would go. I held off sharing them because some people do consider this to be a form of potential spoilers, but a few people I know are frustrated with where the Manga currently is going. I doubt they're the only people who need a pick-me-up, so here is 1000 Years: One Shots. Since this is a collection the starting rating is going to be T and if need be I'll bump it up to an M rating. Even if a theory gets disproved later on and I haven't written for it I'll still work with it for this collection.

 Story Index


 1. Killing Shot – All Quincy kill Hollows instead of sending them to Soul Society, or do they?
Characters: Uryu, Ryuken Genre: Drama, Crime (sort of...) PG

 2. Calculations – Does one Hollow equal one soul? Aren't the calculations off
Characters: Rin, Akon, Hiyosu Genre: General PG13

 3. Cold Truth - What Uryu and the others know about the Quincy is only part of the truth, there is more to their lineage then what he and the others have been told. The leader spills the beans.
Characters: Uryu, the Vandenreich leader Genre: Drama, Suspense PG13

 4. Changing the Academy – Kyoraku and Ukitake...
Characters: Yamamoto, Kyoraku, Ukitake Genre: Historical (for Bleach that is) PG13

 5. Pure One – BB reveals exactly what a Pure One is out of pure boredom with Komamura Sajin.
Characters: Bambietta Basterbine, Momamura Sajin Genre: Drama, Suspense PG13

6. Cousins - Ichigo's memories from around the time his Mother died and before are somewhat vague. Even when another funeral crops up he can't remember those memories well.
... Characters: The Kurosaki family, Ishida families and Toshiro Genre: Family, Angst PG

7. Revival - Byakya has failed Renji and Rukia... or has he.
... Characters: Byakuya, As Nodt and a special surprise quest Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Horror PG13

8. Pure Zero - An arguement insudes between Shinji and Momo about Toshiro's stupidity.
... Characters: Shinji, Momo, a member of Zero Squad Genre: Drama PG

9. Pure Ire - Time to turn back the pendulum to see an event in the past.
... Characters: Aizen, Hikifune Genre: Drama PG

10. New Generation - Why do the Vandenreich want to attach?
... Characters:
Bambietta Basterbine Genre: Drama PG

11. Whom - Who was it that pointed their blade at Urahara's neck?
... Characters: Urahara, Ichigo's friends and a few others Genre: Suspense PG

12. Snatched - Toshiro finds himself and Rangiku attacked, but the way the man treats him and Rangiku bothers him. PG13

13. Family Problems - Yamamotto has to deal with some family problems involving his niece.
...Characters: Yamamotto and his niece. Genre: Family, Angst, Drama PG13

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