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Coming out of a meeting that lasted an hour longer than accepted. Ahmad almost ran out of the building. He checked his messages as he sped through the relatively empty streets.

The messages were mostly from Khalid asking him where he was or when he was getting there and one from Zinar checking up on him and his meeting and hoping all was fine since she hadn't seen nor heard from him.

"You're late" Zinar glared at him with a slight frown. He was the first person she saw when she left the stage. She had already collected her certificates and thankfully he was on time to see that.

"Ana asif habibti" he squinted apologetically "Mabruk, you did it". She broke into a bright smile just remembering she actually did it.

She looked around " I guess I did" she grinned happily. It was finally her graduation day. Her parent, Khadijah, her siblings and two of her aunties were all there.

"Flowers for my brave, smart, beautiful wife. Am so proud of you" he pulled her into a hug before placing a kiss on her forehead. She pulled him to where the rest of the families were. She crushed her father in an instant before running to her mother. Everybody congratulated her and those that could hug her added so.

Chinyere, Carol and Fatima were also graduating. Zinar invited Danielle and Stephanie and some other friends she made through her stay. They left the university past 3 PM after all the chattering and snapping pictures with her mates and family

Immediately they stepped inside the house it started pouring rain. Zinar's family was staying at the guesthouse behind the mansion after much convincing from Ahmad. Though her aunts were low-key happy that they got free accommodation and food they still acted as though they were staying because Ahmad insisted.

"What's this" she asked looking through the bag Ahmad gave her with a curious smile.

"A dress"

"For what?"


"What's happening tonight?"

"Just get dressed" he pecked her before disappearing leaving her with a blush on her face. She took a deep breath thanking Allah for seeing her through. Khadijah, Amna and Nafisa tugged her in the midst of her trance to get dressed. It was a gorgeous elegant straight grey georgette gown. It had a black lace on its pencil long sleeve and at the bottom adding to its perfection. She wrapped her head in a matching tarha after so much contemplation on whether to just tie a turban but reminding herself she was a married woman.

They got to there destination after an hours drive. The ride was very chatty since Amna, Khadijah and Nafisa forced their way into the car. Khalid, Amir, Nabil and Umar were in one car, the fathers and the kids in another and the mothers and the aunts in a separate car.

They arrived at a similar looking mansion but not as big and it was made of more wood than marble and stones. They proceeded to the back entrance going through the kitchen and then the sitting room. They passed some closed rooms and a staircase before coming out through the front door.

Zinar ogled the spectacular view in front of her. There were mats spread on the floor with pillows of all sizes and shapes littered beautifully on them, a bonfire in the middle of it and a sumptuous buffet spread aside. Almost everyone was already seated enjoying the calm breeze that blew from the beach ahead and the tender heat the fire emitted. Everything was beautiful.

"You like it" Ahmad whispered close to her ears. He knew how much she loved water, which was the reason why he planned for her dinner at the beach house.

"I love it" she turned hyper excited. "Thank you," she said after crushing him into a fat hug.

He chuckled "Congratulations baby".

"Ehm em" Amir cleared his throat. "Don't mean to interrupt anything" he smirked, "But everyone is waiting."

The night was beyond amazing, they laughed all night long sharing stories and memories, ate and had a wonderful night. That was the kind of memories you'd want to hold on to.

Ahmad informed Zinar that they were all staying the night in the beach house and he had asked the girls to get her something to wear for the next day.

"Please, no more surprises" she slightly cupped her mouth "I don't think I can handle it". She was standing by the bank when he joined her. Everyone else was indoors, the old people getting ready to sleep.

"Come here" he pulled her to his chest. She wrapped the blanket she was using over both of them, she wrapped one of her hands over his spine and snuggled closer feeling his warmth. "Am so proud of you".

"Thank you. For being here, for all of this" she muttered against his chest. "Thank you for your patience" she loosened her embraced enough to gaze at him. "For believing in me, for helping me through" she smiled remembering the day he called her after midnight and convinced her to come down. The only reason she went was because he was down already waiting for her. It melted her heart when he took her to the masjid and told her he wanted them to pray together for her upcoming exams that was two days away. He led the salah and afterwards he sat next to her, took her hand in his and made dua for her. She didn't even know how come she was that lucky. But she thanked Allah.

She played with their entwined hands gently with a soft smile gracing her face.

"I love you" she finally said locking gaze with him. He stared at her like it was his first time seeing her. And next, she felt his soft, succulent lips that tasted like caramel from their dessert earlier on hers. She let him make his way slowly without so much as a protest. His hands found their way to the sides of her face as he held her closely deepening the kiss. They broke the kiss out of breath, their forehead supporting each other with closed eyes. Their shoulder heaved as they panted.

"I thought you were afraid of stopping?" she asked after her insides were relatively settled. She could still feel the goosebumps spreading throughout her skin and the thrill coursing through her veins.

"You have no idea," the intensity of his gaze pierced right through hers. His amber orbs looked darker, his hunger for her increasing with every tuck. "How I would want the rest of tonight to go" he creased her lips. She could feel the heat spreading from her lower abdomen to every nerve in her system. A faint moan escaped her lips, without another thought she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him with everything in her. He broke the kiss feeling himself harden, he knew it wasn't the time and place. He groaned in frustration.

"Let's take a walk" he smiled looking around and back at her. He hoped she didn't notice his situation and she didn't. They strolled in and out of the beach under the adorned sparkling stars enjoying each other's warmth and company.

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