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Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes rosy, sometimes thorny, classic life but they all pulled through. Khalid was doing great, Zainab was getting ready to write her exams, Ahmad Sadiq's had come to ask for her hand and it had been finalized. Amna and Zaid are as strong as ever. Nafisa is still enjoying her single, stress-free life. Amir was busy with work most of the time. It was less than a month to Zinar's exams and she was coping well with school though sometimes she felt like crying and screaming. She found herself asking herself why she chose medicine at times like that. Her relationship with her husband was becoming stronger by the day. It turned out contrary to popular belief and also her belief, the right person was the perfect distraction from this vanilla world. They had gone a long way from the first month of their marriage. They understood each other better and respected one another. He would help her study listening to her nerd on things he had no idea about. Sometimes he'd pull her to watch an American football match and other sports that he would have to explain after every ten minutes. So far the only sports she enjoyed were ice hockey, basketball, especially ski jumping and some other indoor and Olympian games.

"Oh my God," she said for the millionth time. She looked down the bridge at the calm massive water body below and then up to Ahmad that was strapping himself. " I can't believe am actually doing this," she said blowing air into her fisted palm. They were standing on top of a bridge safely strapped. They were going to dive down.

"Having second thoughts?" Ahmad asked.

"No" she shook her head " but am terrified" she chuckled and looked at him. He was holding a camera to her face giggling. She glared at him before attempting to snatch it from his grasp but he moved away. He gave some guy the camera to videotape them as they fell.

"You closed your eyes," Ahmad said laughing, watching the video.

"I felt like I was losing my heart" she chuckled cupping her face with her palm. "It was scary"

"You held up well for a first timer". They were seated on the lawn at the far end of her hostel premises. There weren't many people around except for those passing by.

"Babe I was just thinking of calling you," Chinyere said coming out of nowhere with Fatima beside her. "eh ye!, so this is the husband you've been hiding from us" she clapped and pointed at Ahmad when her eyes landed on him who just smiled and said hello.

Zinar rolled her eyes "What are you doing in school by this time?"

"Hi am Chinyere and this is" she pointed to Fatima who said her name "we are the friends that weren't invited to your wedding" they looked at Zinar and back to Ahmad "and after that weren't given the courtesy to meet the groom" Chinyere continued with a sly smile.

"Am Ahmad, the husband" he smiled.

"Really? How many times do I have to apologize and explain myself plus you were in school" Zinar defended

"You might have to bribe us Nigerian style," Fatima said while Zinar shook her head.

"It was really nice to meet you"

"Likewise", he said with a smile. They turned to Zinar " we should get going, we don't want to stand in the way of anything" Fatima winked as they both laughed. "We'll call you later".

He pulled his wife to his chest as they stood and watch her friends leave. "I should get inside," she said nuzzled up against his chest. He groaned and she chuckled. " I have a test next tomorrow and a class by eight tomorrow" she pulled away from his chest with her hands lingering on it " I should get to studying"

"Call me when you need a distraction" he caught her hands in his and planted a kiss on both of her knuckles.

She laughed at his chivalry"You're supposed to say switch off your phone, don't let anything distract you and make me proud"

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