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Zinar sat down beside Zainab on the oval dinner table that was at the dinning section at Ahmad's house.

Everyone was there; Asiya, Amir, Ahmad and Abdullah their father, Amna was in school. So far things were going well, his parent seemed at ease with her but she was still nervous. She didn't want to come but after she told her mother about Ahmad and that his mother wanted to see her, her mom said she should go. It stood against their culture to visit a boy's house but she accepted to marry into an entirely different culture so she had to take that into consideration. They both had to bend into each other's cultures.

"You're a medical student I hear" his father said "final year?"


"What do you want to specialize on"

"Am not sure there is any specialization yet but if there is I will go for neurosurgery"

"Neurosurgery? ma sha Allah."

"What about your friend?". Zainab had finished her sorting out. She was just waiting for her graduation and then she would go home. They talked a lot about medicine, he asked about what their parents did more so Zinar.

"I think Abu likes you" Amir whispered to Zinar. He was seated beside her while Ahmad was opposite her. He knew she was nervous but he was glad his parent liked her. He gave her a reassuring smile every time she looked at him.

His mother was warm towards them, she told them to call her mamma. She showed them some family album and told embarrassing stories of Ahmad. "He was the smallest of his pair group even Amir was bigger than him but he looked for trouble where ever it was and he'd would run back home when he found it." his mother narrated and they all laughed. Ahmad walked in on them, they were seated on a three sitter the two of them while Asiya was seated on a floor couch with Amir beside her.

"What did I miss?" he asked as he sunk on a sitter not very far from them Zinar. He looked happy and his mother could see that.

"You remember when you cried because you were separated from Khalid in class?" Amir asked Ahmad who was glaring at him

"he rolled all over the school jumping and screaming"

"Maa???" Ahmad said turning a shade lighter. Zainab was laughing wickedly less about the story and more because of his facial expression.

"What? I didn't even tell them about when you only wore underpants." She said and Amir burst out laughing. Ahmad had his eyes like a saucepan. Zinar was trying so hard to muffle her laugh. She kept enfolding her lips but it was obvious that she wanted to laugh. She locked gaze with Ahmad but averted almost instantly. He kept staring at her she looked beautiful. Her milk chocolate skin complexion was almost as smooth as an exotic chocolate. Thinking that she was going to In Sha Allah be his wife felt like a pipe dream.

"You ok?" Zainab asked her. They were in the car waiting for Ahmad to drop them at home.

"Am glad you're here" she said sincerely. She couldn't imagine the turn of events if she were the only one.

Ahmad dropped them off, Zainab waved him good night before getting in.

"Am glad you came" he said. He was walking her to the door.

"Thank mamma for inviting us again" she smiled at him. He told her they were planning on visiting her father that weekend.

"Do you have a date in mind" he asked as if to say her father had told him he had approved of him.

"Date for what?"

"Wedding date".

She stopped on her tracks and looked at him. "You haven't even met him yet" she said with a small smile. A huge part of her hoped that her father agreed. But she was still scared that marrying him was her trial or marriage in general.

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