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Amna breathed in and out as she fanned herself. She looked at herself all dressed up in a graceful gown and her tarha in place. She turned around to see her father smiling at her "Am proud of you" he gave her a kiss on the forehead and she smiled before hugging him. They met her mother also ready by the entrance, she smiled at her, the wrinkles around her eyes evident. "Ma sha Allah" she also gave her a kiss. It was her big opening, the main building including the administrative block and clinics had been concluded down to furnishings and stockings. They had already found nine victims that were going to be the first to settle in, she was super excited and nervous at the same that she had been chewing her nails.

There were a few speeches; first the vision and mission of the establishment done by the human resource, a speech on abuse and mental health and then lastly a small talk to motivate people to donate and take part in the endeavor. The crowd clapped as the ribbon was cut, pictures where snapped with the new residents and the VIP in the crowd and of course her family.

"Wow" Zinar said looking around "This is huge, you are an inspiration".

"Awn! She's getting emotional" said Nafisa.

"We're rubbing off on her"

"Ah!" she groaned "I need to get my Nigerian mojo on" she said and they all giggled

"Thank you for your support, for being here," Amna hugged her and Nafisa joined in the hug also. They had a small dinner afterwards at home to celebrate Amna. Everybody seemed proud of her including her mother. What she had accomplished in spite of all that had happened, who would have thought that a night of terror would breath out in the midst of all the darkness and trepidation a flicker of light that had ignited so much.

"Ya walad" Ahmad said startling Khalid who was leaning on the balcony deck. He stood beside him with a drink in his hand. "You planning on telling her?" he asked with a raised brow, Khalid turned to him with a confused look but with Ahmad's look he knew he was caught, he rubbed his beard and exhaled, he looked straight back at Amna who was snapping selfies with Nooran. He chuckled nervously; he turned his gaze to the compound looking at it unheedingly.

"I approve" Ahmad shrugged, Khalid scrutinized him, he didn't tell him because it felt wrong to him, Amna was his sister and finding himself in the situation he was, felt weird for him.

"That's a relief" he said and they both giggled

"Can you imagine how awkward it would be if she disagrees?" Ahmad said sympathetically yet there was a sly smile on his face.

"Thanks for ruining the moment and sucking my hopes up" they both laughed.

"Hy" Nafisa whispered joining them "Idrees might come to say hi, please be nice" she said walking away. Her and Idrees had gotten things together, she had called him and told him she wasn't ready to get married, that she had so much she wanted to do and she didn't want to rush into anything she might later regret. He didn't seem to not like the idea though he was disappointed but he had told her that they could take it slowly if that was what she wanted.

Khalid and Ahmad had been relatively nice to Idrees though he didn't get that much love from Amir.

"Dude just let him be" Khalid said to Amir after Idrees left because of his sly remarks.

"I don't have a problem, I just don't like him" he said as though it was a better reason and Ahmad shook his head hopelessly. He excused himself to get another drink.

"So how is Khauthar?"

"Well lets just say she not the one" he replied "And the last, last one was khauthar" he corrected "Wait" he thought for a bit "This one was Amina, the last one was Sal, then Khauthar" he squinted "I don't know" he said nonchalant.

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