Chapter 3

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The street were empty, the sun was scorching hot. It was a good thing cars exist Zinar told her self for the millionth time wishing she had super speed. The weather was erratic. It was snowing the previous day, then it was sunny and she was sure by evening it would be freezing.

She stopped at one of her frequented restaurant when she used to work as a janitor. It wasn't far from the place she worked. She let the mixed aroma of food down her lungs through her nostrils giving her all sort of cravings. She moved to the counter and placed her order before she heard her name from no other than Khalid. He was seated together with his snub cousin Ahmad. She smiled and waved at him, she was looking for on an empty sit not far from the counter but Khalid gesture for her to come. He looked very happy to have seen her. Though she wanted to pretend she didn't see him motion for her. Khalid was too nice to be that mean to.

They exchanged their salaams and hellos all the while Ahmad acting as though the cat got his tongue.

"Ahmad right?" She dared to ask "long time" she smiled at him. She felt like looking for trouble and the fact that she knew he didn't like her just made it better.

He raised an eyebrow at her in question. He didn't think she could ever speak to him.

"Am sure you remember her. Zinar" Khalid piped in. it had been three months since his graduation.

"Yeah, the one who invited her whole community to your graduation?" he said rudely but smiled at her like he meant nothing. It was a bad day to play rude, Zinar had her game on, she was ready to play whatever game it was he was playing.

"Awwn!" she placed her hand on her chest "I knew you couldn't forget me". she said with a bright smile and she could see that she struck a nerve. "Look at that, he even remembers the whole community"

"What is it with you two? You barely know each other and you're at each others necks." Khalid said resting his back on his seat looking at them both, totally oblivion to what was happening.

"I am being really nice here, plus I have to go". she said

"You're on break what do you possibly have to do at home". Khalid asked

"Rest, watch a movie, sleep, eat, laundry. A whole lot of things." She counted using her fingers.

"Ya Allah! Khali'at amshi (Let her go). laysh inta tahibbit aswad fi zaman halik? (Why do you like black girls this days anyways?)" Ahmad said in Arabic, oblivion to the fact that Zinar understood. He said the phrase black girls as if they were a disgrace or some sort of plague.

"Black girls?" she repeated in Arabic with a snigger of irritation

Ahmad looked at her shocked but hid it fast.

"She speaks Arabic" Khalid informed embarrassed

"What is it with you and black people? What did they ever do to you?" she acquired looking him straight ahead and for a second she saw guilt before it became anger. He walked a way before she could say anything else. She looked at Khalid with a questioning look but he just apologized for Ahmad's behavior and changed the topic. They talked about how Zainab's party went. It had been four days since the party. He saw the pictures they took but she refused to let him watch any video. They went their separate ways shortly after.

Khalid had tried to get Ahmad to apologize to Zinar but to no avail. He didn't understand why he acted the way he did. He didn't know her or her friends but he had so much spite for them. He decided to let Ahmad be with his immature behavior.

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