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Unexpectedly Mine  by AbdoolZainab
Unexpectedly Mine by Zainab Abdulhadi
A battle of love between two people of different world. One is used to having a social and stable life and the other has to work hard in other to have a normal life. &q...
Loving khalifa by saratu__
Loving khalifaby Saratu Umar
"So you don't care if I spend the rest of my life jumping from one girl's bed to another?" he asked turning to me. I looked at him, feeling the tears wanting t...
Glimpse of us (Hausa story) by fav_saaderh
Glimpse of us (Hausa story)by Sa'adah
Hanan love Sadeeq dearly. She loved him since she was young. Hanan never got the chance to tell Sadeeq and he fall in love someone else. She was completely shattered wh...
The Trust She Broke by Rhizzqort
The Trust She Brokeby Rizqoh
Maybe a past is not always a past. When Hussein Ilyas met Bashir Ruqqoyah, he didn't know what secret she was hidden. And it was a very grave one. So darkened she thoug...
DREAMS WORTH CHASING ✔ by pherteemerh_
Arranged marriage is being frowned upon in most part of the world. However, it have historically been prominent in many cultures; northern part of Nigeria to be precise...
The other woman's DAUGHTER  by Harunafaree
The other woman's DAUGHTER by Farida Haruna
Maryam never had a say. Although her situation wasn't her fault, people never fail to rub it in her face. If she was a child out of wedlock, she wouldn't have been sad...
K A I R A   by itz_jerseyka
K A I R A by 𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖈𝖆-𝕽𝖎𝖙𝖆
One of the few things Kairayochukwu wants at this point in her life is to get done with secondary school and have a good life in the higher institution. She desires to c...
Her Patience,Her Virtue.||Completed||EDITING.|| by Asmaaah__
Her Patience,Her Virtue.|| Asma'u Abbakar
Highest Rank #13 in Spiritual on 10-09-017🔥. His words rang through every corner of her ears, it was so agonizing and rankling. Was that really Her Faysal? Her habiby...
My Madam and I by CharlesWiFi
My Madam and Iby Charles Maduike
It's about a young man that was used by his boss to satisfy her sexual urges. He also has other female friends he sleeps with for pleasure. He's really good at sex. The...
Married To Mysterious  by fatimahzarah
Married To Mysterious by fatimahzarah
Highest Ranking #2 in triller. #49 in mystery/thriller In came the tall creature. I bend my head down to avoid looking at him. He stood at the door not moving. My heart...
The Mafia's Nanny by SophiaNoel000
The Mafia's Nannyby SophiaNoel000
Zora Eze is a young black woman who wants to make a name for herself. She moves to New York form Nigeria in hopes of working for a big successful company. While at a caf...
YOU'RE NOT MY CHOICE by ikilimatuu__
YOU'RE NOT MY CHOICEby Tha_chubby_chic ✨
What happens when your parents arranged your marriage to a girl way much younger than you? What happens when one of you is in love with someone else? Then you find yours...
Affairs Of The Hearts✅ | EDITING by rukayyatuuuu
Affairs Of The Hearts✅ | EDITINGby Ruu!
THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING. NEW UPDATE WILL BE DROPPING WEEKLY. ~JALILAH~ A sweet, cute, lively and beautiful girl of sixteen with no care in the wo...
CIKI DA GASKIYA......!! by BilynAbdull
CIKI DA GASKIYA......!!by Bilqeesa ibraheem
Labari mai taɓa zuciya, cakwakiya, darajar ɗiya mace, cin amanar ƙasa, kishi, makirci, soyayya.
Damien's attraction by PearlMurphy
Damien's attractionby Pearl_writes
He came back for revenge....but the sparks are back too Meet October Obiakor; The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay...
AYUSH ✔️ by fateeyma_
AYUSH ✔️by F<33
The path of two heartbroken persons cross by a marriage arranged by their parents. They both heal their broken hearts together, showering each other with love and totall...
When The Sun Sets In The East by Mercy198
When The Sun Sets In The Eastby Mercy E. Kalu
37-year-old Genevieve Ukaji has never been the one to play outside the rules but one mistake of a one night stand with a younger man puts her on the rails and consequenc...
Entwined by Destiny by Em-square
Entwined by Destinyby MaleekahMohammed
As humans, we all make plans but Allah is the best of planners.Four cousins thought they had their lives all sorted out.They all had plans for the future but what they d...
Nu'aimat (COMPLETED) by shaheedaserdeeq
Nu'aimat (COMPLETED)by shaheedaserdeeq
A Nigerian story of a teenager who found herself impregnated by her best friend, disowned by her father and loved by some others, Follow the life and story of Nuaimat a...
My Knight In Shining Kaftan (COMPLETE) by imanii99
My Knight In Shining Kaftan ( .
Salma Husayn was finding it difficult to walk out of a toxic relationship with her ten years boyfriend, only for the caterer to find herself on a ride she never expected...