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They finally arrived at Jeddah international airport. Ya Allah! Am tired. I dislike airplanes. I don't see why people fancy it. The procedures are just so annoying, especially when your traveling alone. Her grousing about airplanes was cut short by Ahmad when her called her to follow him. Yusra, Fauziyah and Hauwa were already up ahead while Amna, Nafisa and Zinar walked together with Ahmad beside them talking to one of the airport officials. They all looked tried, the transit in Cairo was five hours of fun and exhaustion. They had gone out of the airport and visited some ancient places, they rode camels which Zinar was a bit skeptical about at first.

"I think am going to fall" she screamed closing her eyes when the camel was standing up from its squatting position.

"You're not going to fall" Ahmad said in between his laughter, he was on a camel right beside hers. He rode his camel closer to hers. " I want to see how fast it can go while am on it" she said her eyes fixed on the camel as she let her fingers run trough it's fur with a smile plastered on her face.

"Just a second ago you where screaming in fear and al'ana you want to see how fast a camel can go" Amna asked amused "Am all in for the adrenal rush" she shrilled obviously the adrenaline had started pumping.

"La, la, no" Nafisa shook her head "We are not doing that"

"Are you sure" Ahmad asked referring to Zinar. She was being more relax which gave him so much joy.

"I've always wanted to try this" she replied. The ride was magnificent. The rush was so much but she liked it, it made her feel like she was a kid again, the breeze was what she needed, it cleared her mind off everything, her mind was at rest for a moment. After the ride they went back to the airport. They bought a few things before their fight.

There it was, the hot breeze of Saudi Arabia and the smell that she only perceived when she visited Jeddah. "It's a freaking jet. Holy shit my ride is a jet." She was trying so hard to keep her cool.

"Shall we "? Ahmad stretched his hand for her to take. And that was when her heart started beating fast and loud. She realized she was meeting his extended family. "Ya Rahman! Am scared. That's why I don't want to grow up. The responsibilities are too much. I don't think am ready to be a wife, let alone a wife away from home." She kept quite thinking as every thought went through her mind.

"Are you ok" a very worried Ahmad asked.

"Yes" she managed to say with a hush voice. "No" she blurted out nervously her head down and her eyes where glued to the ground.

"What's wrong?" He moved closer to her. She raised her head and her big dark brown eyes met his amber gaze and she could see he was worried.

"We are going to your family house right?" she asked somewhat out of breath hoping he would say something other than yes.

"Yes, we are going to our family house and they are all excited to meet you" he said stressing the 'our' and all she could do was imagine herself with his entire family and how she wouldn't fit in, she thought she could handle this but she was obviously failing miserably.

"Are you nervous" Ahmad asked astonished.

"Really are you nervous? That's what he's asking me." Nervous was an understatement she terrified. She felt like she wasn't mentally ready for this. "Why on earth did I think I could go through with this? Ya Allah help me out. Okay Zinar you can do this. Just breathe in and out slowly and recite a few du'a. That will work." She said trying to convince herself. Which was not working.

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