Chapter 13

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"Wetin happen, wetin happen" Zainab pounced on Zinar as soon as she closed the door.

"You've been peeping all this while?"

"Of course. You guys look so cute together" she squealed. Zinar looked at her with raised brows. It wasn't like her droll over the romantics especially to the extent of squealing they had that in common.

"So now you're a squealer? Great! What else has falling in love with Ahmad Sadiq triggered?"

"Stop changing the topic" she pulled Zinar to sit down after her and open the feast of pizza, fries and milkshake.

She told her everything including the story. How his reaction was when he was narrating it. "A seven-year-old" Zainab said in disbelieve"

"ki bari. Wallahi I was so embarrassed. Even though I know he might not have been a Nigerian but he was black. I felt bad"

"Toh. Allah ya kyauta nagaba and guide us. So am hoping there is progress" she asked hopefully and Zinar sighed

"I watched this film and the woman said its easier to fall in love but liking someone that a lot harder. When you love you just follow your heart and one day your heart might decide to not love that person."

"Your afraid of his feelings changing?"

"Feelings are prone to change. They increase or decrease somehow. You didn't see his face. He relived the whole thing when he was telling me the story. I could see the pain, the anger- the hate." She exhaled "I get he loves me right?" she wasn't sure "that's something he has no power over. Its his heart but what happens when he stops and I have fallen for him then. Then I will be left with a man who despises my race because of how an ill black soul murdered and raped his friend."

"That's too much thinking. You just gotto have faith. You of all people should know that. No amount of worry can change the future just do you and pray" she said "A wise person told me so" she was referring to Zinar "Or are you starting to fall for him" she winked at her.

"It will take more than a handsome face and boyish charm to woo me"

"Hm! A handsome face and boyish charm huh" Zainab said with a smirk. Zinar rolled her eyes, she left for the room to change and pray.

Zinar woke up by the vibration of her phone that was under pillow. She tossed the phone to the other side without looking at the call id. After a few minutes of trying to go back to sleep and not being able she got up. She went to the kitchen to get something to eat and came back to a vibrating phone. She picked it up.

"To answer phone call now is problem" Yasmin her secondary school friend said.

"Ah! Sorry oo. How far"

"Not too far. I just wanted you to know that Awwal ya kawo gaisuwa and our wedding date is fixed" Zinar screamed in joy when she heard that. Yasmin was getting married.

"Finally. Since that I have been singing. So when is the date" she was happy for her. She was going to be her sixth friend that was married. "I hope am around if not, hmm!"

"After Ramadan in Sha Allah" it was four months from then.

They spoke about choosing the brides maid dress. Events and where they would be held. She filled her in on all the details before ending the call. She had so many people to inform.

"Toh Allah ya sa aiyi a saa, may Allah put Barka in their union." Her mother prayed. She told her about Yasmin's wedding later that night on viber. "Ehem!. Do you need anything? Hajiya Binta's son is coming."

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