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Emeralds by NouranWael
Emeraldsby Nouran Wael
[A Muslim's Love Story] "Just one second. Just one slight mistake of looking back again, was enough to have me thunderstruck. Awed. Those are not any eyes. Those a...
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story) by sssilentscreamsss
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)by ~ sssilentscreamsss
"I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes...
His Pregnant Prisoner by EasteenReid
His Pregnant Prisonerby Easteen Reid
Could he be dead? Could someone as larger than life as Karim be truly gone? Could someone she had known for two months, someone she had laughed with, someone she had sha...
The Halal Way | ✔ by ArabAutore
The Halal Way | ✔by Meeyah
#2 in Spiritual | 1 / 8 / 18 | We-muslim girls- all know girlfriend and boyfriend ain't halal, and that falling in love is definitely not haram. We just gotta lower our...
Not Your Typical Hijabi by Zanoobah
Not Your Typical Hijabiby Zainab
When Amani Jabbar's rich family finally decide to settle in New York City, Amani finds it a place of wonder. Especially when she's moving to a new school, there are much...
The Arabic Girl & The American Stepbrothers by onceuponamuslim
The Arabic Girl & The American onceuponamuslim
#104 Ranking in spiritual on 23-6-2017 Mariam grew up believing that she had what you could say the perfect life money , health , luxury , beauty living with her famil...
One Direction's bodyguard (muslim) by lustingharry
One Direction's bodyguard (muslim)by lena-rose
to be one direction's new bodyguard and therapist helping them get through the nightmares of fame. Muslim girl Street racer
Keep It Halal by Sidrasstoriezzz
Keep It Halalby Sidrasstoriezzz
Hey and welcome to this book. _-------_ I was looking in front of me when I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, I turned around and He was standing there smiling. - AH...
In Istanbul / Istanbul'da by JohainaOumghar
In Istanbul / Istanbul'daby Johaina Oumghar
With Istanbul'da, I bring you a mix of my own experience in the city added with some wild imagination (the same amount of salt Mr. Saltbae would add) and the typical fla...
One Last Mission - The Hunt For Siregar by Admiralkim7
One Last Mission - The Hunt For Admiralkim
The Sequel to One Last Mission. Having received his assignment from the Emperor, Zack Assegaf heads off to lead his troops into battle against the pro-coup forces and th...
ENCOUNTERING HER. (a Modern Muslim Love Story) by Niqabi_Secrets
ENCOUNTERING HER. (a Modern ~calligraphist🌊
MUSLIMLOVESTORY | SPIRITUAL | ROMANCE | DRAMA ---------------------------------- . . . A story, when strings were hauled to twist the fates of those who compromised with...
Love and Murder by Stormy_Skies2476
Love and Murderby Danielle Bryan
On the night of Zahra Adid's thirteenth birthday, the soldiers of the Arab army raided her home. For what reason? She doesn't know. But during the raid, the soldiers sto...
Enheduanna: The First Author by Alatary
Enheduanna: The First Authorby Alatary
4000 years ago, in an empire where women were little more than flowers on the wall, one princess cemented her story into history and changed the art of writing for centu...
midnight confessions by sorryhades
midnight confessionsby 𝒂𝒔𝒉
━━ in which she drowns in the pools of his ice-blue eyes, but doesn't know if he'll save her from suffocating ❝why do you always insist on hurting yourself?❞ ❝why do yo...
Always And Forever ,Maryium by _Misbhakhan_
Always And Forever ,Maryiumby Misbha Khan
Story genre: Contemporary Well...if you're looking for something hilarious with a hint of cutesy cute scenes XD . . Then, Welcome to the beautiful journey of Maryium an...
Only  His by XxXLubzyXxX
Only Hisby XxXLubzyXxX
She was his and his alone! But she didn't know that they were destined to be together - what does fate have in store for Falak and Armaan .... Read to find...
Forbidden Love by yourgayestnerd
Forbidden Loveby Just some fangirl .
Vera: a beautiful green eyed girl with brown hair , an Arab who moves to the NYC after getting her scholarship in the NYU . Running from her family problems to find more...
Muslim Jokes by OwnerOfTajMahal
Muslim Jokesby صائمہ‎
Jokes.. Halal PickUp Lines Credit goes to the uploader.. -SaimaM.
Forgotten Love  by chubbybunny173
Forgotten Love by A A
He loved her so much. She loved him even more. But all of a sudden she couldn't remember all the love they both shared. Only time can tell if the Forgotten love would co...
Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED] by highdisdain
Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED]by highdisdain
Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction Cover designed by @shatteringsoul14 **************************** Badr AbdulQadir is the prince of Cedochi, the largest gang in New For...