The Unwanted Bride (COMPLETED) by heyyyitzme6
The Unwanted Bride (COMPLETED)by Heyyyitzme
(Book ONE of VERMA family!) "Who are you?" At first I thought he was just being silly. But as I stared at him for a couple of minutes I could see he wasn't jok...
  • indian
  • truth
  • arrogant
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Val of NCT (Scenarios, Imagines, Reactions)  by yeolie-spirit
Val of NCT (Scenarios, Imagines, yeolie-spirit
Join Val in her adventures of being the girl member of NCT. "Wait wait, are you sure were all here in the plane?" "Let me count, one, two, three, four, fi...
  • 19th
  • nctu
  • neo
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Knot (A True Love)✓ by ambooahmed
Knot (A True Love)✓by amber ahmed
Asalam Alikum people ! Here is short story as the idea stuck in my mind sudden so I thought why not write it as Eid gift for my amazing readers I hope u like it The s...
  • muslim
  • love
  • passion
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player || l.ty by renshookt
player || l.tyby 빵지
❝if you're the player then play with me all you want❞ [ Highest: #2 in taeyong ]
  • nct127
  • player
  • kpop
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I Won 4 billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World by RolandoGullaII
I Won 4 billion in a Lottery But RLG611
Kazura was selected as the winner on a lottery that he bought on a whim and received 4,000,000,000 (billion) yen. To evade the hyenas that smelled the scent of his money...
  • sliceoflife
  • mystery
  • otherworld
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crush | jungwoo ♡ by CHITTAGRR
crush | jungwoo ♡by yurawr ✧
ㅡ "do you love me sincerely or just because of pity you had for me?" ⓒ CHITTAGRR
  • nctff
  • lucas
  • nct
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Leap of Faith by Ms_Enigmatic
Leap of Faithby Neha
Highest rank: #2 in chick lit Meet Aayan Kar, the arrogant Billionaire CEO of a carmaking company, He has his eyes on an intern. He will do everything in his power to g...
  • ceo
  • chicklit
  • boss
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KYDAH|EDITING| by aeeshatou_
[25th in spiritual On 3rd October, 2018🔥] Kydah Malik, a young beautiful lady. She is beautiful in her own way. She has never dated any guy and not interested in any. T...
  • kydah
  • religious
  • jealousy
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lost words | huang renjun by lunalit-
lost words | huang renjunby ros
❝ well, to tell you, we just drifted away like that. ❞ a huang renjun fanfic adult!au x female oc © 2018 all right reserved. lunalit-
  • female
  • alternate
  • universe
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Billionaire's Indian Bride. by frozenelssa
Billionaire's Indian frozenelssa
He had pinned her between the wall and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between there upper bodies were her hands which she had placed...
  • complicated
  • secrets
  • lovestory
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His Domineering Ways by Rajput-123
His Domineering Waysby Rajput-123
Princess Meera Singh Rana fell in love with Sheikh zain,the king of Arabia,this innocent love story started when the princess was studying in London,they both stumbled u...
  • wpafterdark
  • marriage
  • billionaire
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Seams by DankFabio
Seamsby Meagan
Everything's a whole lot fuzzier around the seams. - an anthology, rant book, expression of one's opinions, and a book full of history lessons. © DankFabio 2...
  • drabble
  • tips
  • advice
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YESTERDAY'S FUTURE #ProjectNigeria by ziggywrites
YESTERDAY'S FUTURE #ProjectNigeriaby Beatrice
**This is not just a love story, it is more! It is a story about everything! ** Cover by Me ** All the pictures, music and videos used in this book do not belong to me...
  • past
  • fiction
  • murder
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O.V.O.S Awards 2019 by OVOSAwards
O.V.O.S Awards 2019by OVOS Awards
Welcome to the O.V.O.S Awards page! O.V.O.S. stands for "Our Voices, Our Stories!" We wanted to create a platform that celebrated the works of all genres of B...
  • culture
  • community
  • strongfemalelead
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Ladies of Lavender by spite-
Ladies of Lavenderby ♛
2018 WATTY AWARD WINNER || PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || ONGOING || Lavenders. Lavenders is what they are called. Some can grow gardens in their hair, others can control...
  • voodou
  • broomsticks
  • funny
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The Blind One by Publicinterest13
The Blind Oneby (Constellation)
When Elizabeth, a self consious young adult who is looking after her disabled mother is given the opportunity of a life time to work for the blind mind who pays for her...
  • mason
  • lunch
  • business
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two players; lin yanjun by ohmyyanjun
two players; lin yanjunby - - -
they're the same. he's a flirt & she's a flirt. he doesn't date and neither does she. at least for now.
  • ninepercent
  • percent
  • bananacultureentertainment
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Different Worlds by writer198
Different Worldsby Anonymous
#23 in Spiritual 4/8/17 #36 in Spiritual 31/7/17 #74 in Spiritual 3/6/17 An average girl from a middle class family marries the son of a business tycoon...things are bou...
  • marriage
  • muslim
  • religion
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I could remember the first day he was introduced to me as my fiance. I felt very lucky thinking that my parents had chosen the best man for me. My life turned into a mes...
  • emotional
  • psychosis
  • mentaldisorder
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