Chapter 25

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The sun was up high and bright, the cloud light and fluffy. She looked around her, the leather seats were cream and a touch of light and mud brown stripes. The lather was soft and smooth. She took a sip of the water in front of her looking out the window. She couldn't believe she had been married for a week. She turned and saw Nafisa and Amna sleeping. Yusra too was dozing off. That was her new family or an addition to her family. Hauwa and Fauziyah were already halfway through Nigeria. It turned out they had noticed the looks given to them by Maryam and co.

"Hmm, this your in-laws you have to be careful fah" Hauwa advised Zinar the previous day when they were helping her pack at night.

"Put that fulla dull in her place, this one that she is doing busybody." Fauziyah spat raining insult on Ruwaida.

"Shufti" Hauwa said and they coed at her newly acquired word. She raised her shoulder proud as though she could finish the sentence in Arabic. "Respect your husband and his family, whatever will lead to any problem avoid it, do what they want and be patient". She concluded. Zinar smiled and thanked her. She knew she had to put up with them but she also had a subconscious limit, her patience didn't extend past that limit.

She was going back to school when they got back and a part of her was glad. She wanted to be away from everything. Ahmad had been great, his family was more than she expected and that was including Ruwaida and her mother but she needed some time to process and be alone for a while. She had been alone without any relationship for so long that she didn't know how to go about this.

"Bi maza tafakkarina?- Wachu thinking of?" Ahmad acquired pulling her out of her trance. He had been speaking to her a lot in Arabic lately but she somehow ended up replying in English though she spoke Arabic with the rest of the family.

She smiled "How's work going". He had been on the phone as soon as it was high enough.

"It's fine just got a briefing, I have to stop by when we land". She was going to spend the night at their house before heading back to her room on campus. Ahmad was fighting the idea internally, he wished he could hold her without restraining himself from doing anything. He wished she could move in already so they could start their life together but that wasn't the plan. He knew it wouldn't be easy but going through it was hell. However, that was a sacrifice they both had to make. Jaddo told him marriage wasn't easy when he was advising him. "You are marring from another race, a race which sadly our people look down on. Easy doesn't even begin to surface here. People will be against everything you do especially to your wife, they would question you till you start to question yourselves." He had said to him. "You have to be ready to fight this battle, put in your all, both of you because it's never-ending. The slightest chance people get, they would pounce on you like never before" He didn't accept the news at first but after thinking through it he agreed. It was the best way to eradicate racism between them.

"The mail has been sent sir" the air hostess informed Ahmad. He nodded and thanked her. There were two pilots and two air hostesses. He excused himself to answer a quick call and when he came back Zinar was asleep. He stared at her, most of her face was covered with her veil. She was wearing a black silk Abayah with an off glossy green veil. He took a small blanket and covered her before placing a kiss on her forehead, a smile of content dressing his face. He answered a few calls and read a little before dozing off.

"Amarya" Amir yelled on top of his lungs when he saw Zinar. He and Khalid came to pick them up from the airport. She smiled at his accent he had gotten better.

"You're looking good," he said and she shook her head smiling.

"Its good to see you"

"I have missed you too" he wiggled his brow like a kid and she burst out laughing.

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