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Zinar stepped out of a sport shop. She was showing Yazeed around and assisting him to get to some places. She had agreed to show him around when she dropped off some things her mother wanted. He was going to deliver them.

They had been to the museum, malls, endless shops, an amusement park. They had been site seeing since Friday noon and it was then Sunday. Zainab tagged along sometimes after so much begging from Zinar.

They were going to watch a basketball match and Zainab was absolutely trilled about it. She had loved basketball since from school. "I have never been to a stadium, why not?"

They arrived just on time. The game had just started. Fans and enthusiast were cheering for their teams. The sportscasts made sure they commented and broadcasted every detail.

Zinar found herself cheering along the crowd. She was enjoying herself. The team she was rooting for were winning or so it seemed since the opposite team, the team Yazeed and Zainab were on beat them with 2 scores at the final.

"Its just two" Zinar defended. Yazeed and Zainab kept rubbing it on her face. It was a local game so there weren't a lot of people. They strolled outside the premises of the stadium gisting before it started drizzling. They hollered a cab that dropped them off before it dropped Yazeed at his hotel.

Zinar woke up craving for shawarma. She decided to branch the spot that had the best wraps. She made her order and ordered for Zainab because she was sure she would want to eat hers and she wasn't up for any short. She closed her nose with her veil and eventually decided to change where she was seated because of the unpleasant smell of shisha and cigarettes.

"You ok" she was coughing and looked annoyed.

She glanced at the Amir with a smile "Hello"

"Hi. Bad day?"

"Not exactly. Just cant stand the smoke" she gestured around the atmosphere that was filled with smoke. Everyone was displaying his or her talents (the smoke artists).

"Old habits. They just enjoy getting applause for killing themselves slowly" he said looking around.

"You don't smoke?" she asked surprised "Sorry" she said realizing it was none of her business.

"Its against the family rule. Are you here alone?"


"You need a ride?"

"nah thanks am good"

"Ahmad said you don't accept rides. You will know that I am a lot harder to blow off than Ahmad."

"Am not going home straight away"

"Me neither"

"I have to pick up a friend" she said with a sorry face.

"The more the merrier" he smirked.

He was more annoying than his brother she thought. "She is not very good with people" she wasn't about give up, at least not yet. She wanted to get her order, go home and enjoy her food.

"That makes the three of us then" he was being sly

"Except she's with her boyfriend" she said with a smirk.

He looked at her smiling and shaking his head. "Our orders should be ready". They collected the order and walked out of the place. It was rather a big place. The back of the restaurant had tents and huts. It gave it a more Arabic vibe.

"Look who I found" Amir said. They were at the parking lot and Khalid and Ahmad were in the car.

"long time sis" Khalid said.

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