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Yooooo, we actually got through 50 chapters, 391 pages, 121766 words🤯😱. Ma Sha Allah, Am proud of us😎, am proud of myself, am proud of you. We are an amazing team, you and I. I wanted to mention everyone but the list is actually longer than I thought and I don't want to leave anyone out. But you, you know yourself, yes you. You that has been a loyal reader from the start😘, you that your comments gassed me up🥰💃🏾, with your supporting votes. You that is reading this, you made this ride worth a whole lot💓. I want to say THANK YOU for simply being a great person through out this journey. I mean we lived this book💁🏾‍♀️😎; their pain, their joy, their betrayals we were all part of it, we might as well be family by now. But like everything it has come to an end😪 but the ride was real👊🏾. Tell me about the journey, review the book and pour your hearts out. I want to hear it. Constructive criticism.

Amma rest for now😴, am going to be focusing on finishing my articles and in Sha Allah I'll be posting them on Medium- 👉🏾 . Please check it out and follow, I need your support. And if you're interested in doing a collabo; where we write an article together and publish it, just send me a message. And those with a work or project on or off Wattpad, comment with your link let's show you some love and support.

Keep loving yourself, keep supporting each other, keep writing, keep reading and have fun😉. Make the best use of your life. Thank you, I Love you 3000♥️.


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