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Zinar woke up for subhi. She had slept all night. Her and her bridesmaid slept in the section where her in laws were. She saw Ahmad just once through out the wedding day, before the acceptance of the bride he gifted her with a dahab (gold) which he wore on her. It was part of the Arabian culture. They snapped a few pictures and immediately after that they were torn.

She couldn't call him because her phone was still missing and somehow not Amna nor Nafisa or Zainab and Khadijah had any charge on their phone and when they did the network was poor. She gave up and took a pill to help her sleep. Ahmad and co went back in the hotel for the night.

She prayed fajr and made dua for her new life and husband. She dialed his cell and he picked like he had been waiting for it.

"Nafisa where is my wife". He grumbled. She felt her heart skip the moment he said the word wife as if they had been married for ages.

"Hyy" was the only word that came to mind. He sat down from his laying position almost like a reflex. He had been trying to call her through the girls but their phones were off and when he finally got them she was asleep.

"God I've missed you" he said honestly it had been torture not being able to see or talk to her especially now that she was his wife.

"How was your day" she asked ignoring the Goosebumps spreading her body.

"Better now. How was yours"

"The most hectic day of my life, I have never had this much attention. It was exhausting" she complained

He chuckled "yeah I figured yours would be more tiring than mine but its over now" he reassured

"I wish but this house is still full"

"Lets elope then"

"Very tempting" she giggled. He gisted her about his day, how Nabil had to subtitle everything, kids called him uncle Ahmad or yaya Ahmad.

"A lot of old women kept calling me ... crap! I forgot the word though Nabil said it weirdly translates to 'my husband'"

"Miji na?"

"Yeap, sounds very different when you say it. So how many wives do I have?" he joked

"Oh! I forgot to tell you" she gasped, suddenly sounding serious

"What's wrong" his voice was laced with more of worry

"Well, um!" she cleared her throat "When you marry around here you get a young bride and an older one"

"What?" he asked confused

"It's an old tradition of balance. You don't actually take the older bride home, you just have to visit her once in a while and keep her company"

"What?" his brain couldn't process what she was saying. He heard her muffling her laugh from the other side.

"You there" she whispered. He shook his head

"I can hear you laugh you know that right" he said and she let out her laugh "that was good though, you got me" he joined her laughing. "An old tradition of balance? I should have known" he said in between his laugh.

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