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It was on a Saturday morning and Zinar Abdul Rashid Salisu was exhausted from reading. She was having her last paper on Monday and she had to summit her presentation before Sunday noon. She was a medical student in her 3rd year studying in Canada. She had gotten a half scholarship in medicine 2nd year after studying Anatomy and Arabic at a Canadian university in Egypt for three years. She had chosen Canada after given the choice of Egypt or Canada. She had always wanted to study in either Riyadh or Canada but she couldn't get admission to Riyadh and Canada didn't give admission to 1st degree medicine to noncitizens, so she picked her only option, Egypt. And as God would have it she would study in Canada eventually.

"Am tried of this head muscles, I have bit my tongue for the second time now" Zainab her roommate said her voice laced with frustration. Zainab Jibril was also in her 3rd year but she was studying dentistry. Zainab and Zinar became friends in Canada though their mothers knew each other from back home they never kicked it up until in Canada.

Zinar looked at her she was going through her own frustration "Am supposedly revising but I feel like am reading everything for the first and its not even sticking" she was annoyed, medicine was getting on her nerves but it was her passion so she always got around to it somehow.

"I feel your pain". It was something that everybody in the medical sciences had to go through. The worst one was when you're sure you've nailed it and the whole thing evaporates as the question hits you. "Have you finished your presentation" she asked her as she looked trough the papers littered on Zinar's bed

"Last paragraph and am done" she replied her.

Zainab left the room leaving Zinar to her work and soon enough she was done with the presentation. She crosschecked it before mailing it to the lecturer.

She got up from bed an hour after and tidied the room and took a shower afterwards. It was fifteen minutes past ten when Zainab barged into their room like she was been chased

"Ke, today is Khalid's graduation" she said almost immediately. Zinar's eye flew open

"Ina lillahi wa ina ilaihirajiun" she had totally forgotten and it was on her mind through out the previous day. "Am in trouble, ya Allah am a horrible person" she said putting her hands on her head, she was in panic and confused on what to do.

"Lets get ready... and fast" Zainab said and they all got to it.

They arrived ten minutes past eleven and Zinar was feeling bad for coming late.

Khalid was graduating from the same university as Zinar and Zainab. He had finished his masters in architectural engineering. He met with Zinar in the school library where he helped her out when she almost crashed the schools computer. And ever since they had been friends.

She looked around to see if she could see him. he was the only one they knew from his mates.

"Zinar" Zainab called her "lets go and sit somewhere, we'll meet him later". They sat down with a few of their Nigerian mates. She was glad his name had not been called yet to collect his certificate.

After sitting for almost one hour, gisting and gossiping about everybody they saw, Khalid's name was finally called. They cheered for him and video tapped him as he was called on stage for his certificate. It lasted another forty-five minutes before the graduation was finished. It was time for the less boring party. They met Khalid and he was pleased to see they made it and also had a lot of friends with them. The people that tagged along with Zinar and Zainab where almost as much as Khalid's family.

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