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Zinar got out of the school library. It was winter and she was barely keeping up. The snow made it so hard to focus, the weather was rather for sleep and hot tuwo or shayi than for school. She rubbed her socked hands together like she could generate more heat. She was completely covered except for her face. She wore her favorite coat, it always felt like she was wearing a duvet, It was soft and comfy and most often the reason why she slept during lectures. She missed Zainab a lot. Then when it snowed heavily they would ditch classes together and sleep all day, wake up and eat hot tuwo miyan kuka.

She made her way to the dorm. There weren't much people outside because of the cold. Plus exams were in  two weeks.

She got into her thick blanket after switching off the lights. She opened her eyes in annoyance. Her phone was ringing. She roughly searched for it.

"Hello" her mother's voice came through the speaker. She had called to let her know that her father had agreed with her decision but he wants the wedding to take place during her first semester break.

Inna Dudu had gotten the best of him for the first time. She was right, every time he stood against her it didn't end well and he didn't want that for his daughter. She tormented him through out the week. Whenever he came to greet her she had some mordacious comment. "Ha'an, I didn't think I've reached the level for you to greet me" she eyed him as though he didn't come to her room every morning to greet her. It continued like that until he told that he approved of Zinar's choice.

"First semester koma?" she asked wide-awake sitting on her bed.

"Yes Zinaru first semester" her father confirmed from the other end. The phone was on hands free with both her parents. "I know we both had planed until you graduate, but kana naka Allah na nashi (We plan and Allah plans). We want the best for you". She was quiet. The plan was after school, her heart was pounding. First semester, it was a month from then.

"When is your break?"

"December 15 to January 7th" her voice was low. "That's in a months time, I can't get married in a month" her pitch increased with each word.

"You chose him, the time doesn't matter" her father reassured. "Sleep on it. You'll realize it's not a bad idea" her mother said.

She kept staring at her phone even after they had hung up. She couldn't believe they wanted her to get married in a month. She was angry at her parents and at Ahmad. She played surah Yusuf and listen until she feel asleep.

"Ke we are talking next month oo" Zainab said shocked. They were on Skype. Zinar told her everything the next day. "Are you okay?"
She shrugged not wanting to talk about how she really felt.

"In Sha Allahu khair. You and Ahmad, I always thought it was just going to be one of those catchy stories without an ending but look at you talking about marrying him next month. God is wonderful"

"Please" she rolled her eyes. They talked for another hour about everything before hanging up. Khalid had called when she was still Skyping with Zainab so she didn't pick. She left him a missed call afterwards and he called minutes later. He had called to say hi. They exchanged all the (how is). She asked him how he was doing, copping with everything since Amina. He was doing better, the conciliation was that he knew she loved him. "Have you spoken to Ahmad?" he asked sounding ok though it was killing him inside.

"No. But I have to call him since my parents have approved"

"What?" he practically yelled

"Nothing" she regretted telling him already. She hung up before he could start attacking her with question. She put her phone on flight mode and laid on her bed thinking of her life, the turn it had taken and what it might be in two months or so.

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