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Billionaire's Best Friend ✓  by NotShort_FunSize
Billionaire's Best Friend ✓ by Quinn
"The line between a friend And a lover is not that thick."
  • bestfriends
  • friendships
  • family
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Bittersweet by Celestialworld
Bittersweetby Celestialworld
He takes his other hand putting my hair behind my ear. Why is he doing this? He slowly brings his lips to my ear. I can feel his lips barely touching the top of my ear m...
  • hate
  • daddy
  • violence
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Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT) by romolavinia91
Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT)by Lavinia
Laura couldn't recall a single incident which would result in the cruel hatred Chris had apparently developed just for her. It was like her every breath, every move woul...
  • hate
  • chicklit
  • drama
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Widow in White by Spiszy
Widow in Whiteby Spiszy
Scarred and broken from a disastrous marriage, Laura Maidstone vows never to love again. And it's not love, when she seduces Richard Armiger, Lord Albroke, on her librar...
  • marriage
  • earl
  • broken-bird
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Be Mine Forever by KellyHYang
Be Mine Foreverby Kelly H Yang
"Don't meet and hug other guys except me again" I snapped at her. "WHY NOT? I have my freedom, Mr. Fredericks." She yelled at me. "No, you don't...
  • devil
  • hideandseek
  • lovehate
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The Best Thing I Ever Did ✅ by Kazuken17
The Best Thing I Ever Did ✅by CrossingWorld
You reminiscing the memories you have with then and the best thing you ever did is to sacrifice your love for them. You just nobody, and they are an idols. You regret n...
  • bittersweet
  • twicexreader
  • twicemanager
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A FAN  by Vivien_2020
A FAN by Priya
It's a story about a young college boy who meets his dream celebrity. Cover cr:To the rightful owner.
  • romance
  • kong
  • arthit
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The Secret of the Forest -  A Thranduil Romance by floranocturna
The Secret of the Forest - A 💫 Flora Nocturna 💫
A shadow lies on Thranduil and his forest and only a power stronger than the darkness of old can save them. Grief and loss have turned him into a king with a heart of ic...
  • lordoftherings
  • highfantasy
  • fantasy-romance
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The Badass Girl and the Badboy by Maecy101
The Badass Girl and the Badboyby Maecy101
Alexandria Thomas is a seventeen year old girl, who lives with her mother , Arlene Bradford-Thomas. She attends Jackson Bleu High School but is rather invisible to every...
  • fan
  • chicklit
  • fiction
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Bittersweet by ConsiousDreamer
Bittersweetby Lisamariee
Derek Morgan is chasing down serial killers and bringing justice to families everyday at the BAU, but has he forgotten of his past? What happens when one certain brunett...
  • romance
  • criminalmindsfanfiction
  • derekmorgan
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Bittersweet *Currently On Temporary Hold* by WaffleKitten211
Bittersweet *Currently On WaffleKitten211
It all began in New York. It all ended with a choice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! My name is Kate, but I usually go by Red. This is a story that I've...
  • lokixreader
  • avengers
  • hawkeye
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Into the Shadows by LunaRowlet
Into the Shadowsby Luna
"Normal People have no idea how beautiful darkness is." I, Selene Ethera was just a normal girl, until I got dragged into an adventure to the Sea of Monsters...
  • pjofandom
  • pjofanfiction
  • somewhathappy
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Always Yours by StarsAndFireflies_
Always Yoursby Heer
[ arranged marriage ] The concept of soulmates was like a fairytale to Nandini. Ever since childhood, she fell in love with the idea of love. She had seen people fall an...
  • nandinimurthy
  • love
  • promises
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Hall of Fame | ✓ by Hubrism
Hall of Fame | ✓by Marianna Leal
((Completed)) Peyton O'Hare loves baseball more than anyone. Too bad she's a girl. Santiago Miranda has the game running through his veins. Too bad he's not interested i...
  • cute
  • slowburn
  • teenfiction
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CRYSTAL HEART (MaleXMale) by Shinouji
CRYSTAL HEART (MaleXMale)by Shinouji
A heart is a fragile item. That is why we need to protect them so vigorously, give them away so rarely and why it means so much because some hearts are more fragile than...
  • bittersweet
  • malexmale
  • strongwilled
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The Way It Was Before by raindrops_
The Way It Was Beforeby kei
**FEATURED TEEN FIC - May 2017** Fifteen-year-old Autumn Lyne has always been locked in her own little world. She doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary in the fall...
  • hope
  • nostalgia
  • featured
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The Art of Healing by tickledpinks
The Art of Healingby aina.
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY - 4/19/18 (Pocketful of Posey) I count the tired leaves which kiss the earth that had once nurtured them. Pulled them apart - once, twice, a hundr...
  • deep
  • coffee
  • poetry
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FRACTURED - A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by StrawberryMi1kshake
FRACTURED - A Miraculous Ladybug StrawberryMi1kshake
At 19, when most girl's her age were off at university parties and enjoying youth, Marinette had experienced more heartbreak and had more responsibilities than she had p...
  • marichat
  • cute
  • mlb
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ʙɪᴛᴛᴇʀsᴡᴇᴇᴛ | j.jk by -soomi
ʙɪᴛᴛᴇʀsᴡᴇᴇᴛ | j.jkby -soomi
a story in which jeon jungkook finds himself in a love hate relationship with his neighbor and classmate kang seolhyun. - "Jungkook what even are we? Friends? Enem...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • btsfanfic
  • idol
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