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Ahmad sped across the room. She figured the hospital would call him, "Hy" he embraced her, he loosened the hug looking at her fallen face. She gave him a small smile and somehow her smile scared him more. They hadn't told him what was wrong only that he should come to the hospital it was about his wife. They had assured him everything was fine to ease him.

"In sha Allah everything will be fine" he gave her a reassuring smile before placing a peck on her head. She had a poker face on, thinking of all the possible outcome of the result, lost in her own fear. Ahmad sat her down on the bed and let her lay her head on his shoulder. He silently prayed that everything was fine pushing away all the negative thoughts. She suddenly pulled alway from him as she clutched the sheets her body frozen. Her eyes were shut tightly and she sat still as though afraid to make a movement.

"Zinar" he called as he swallowed the lump of fear forming in his throat. He bumped into the doctor on his way out to look for him.

"There no need to be alarmed, she's just in pain." The doctor said.

He looked back at Zinar and she was still clutching the sheets but her body was relaxed and her eyes were opened. He scowled over at the doctor and asked "there is no need to be alarmed? She is in pain" he finished his voice laced in fear and anger.

"I know but you have to understand it is perfectly normal for her situation"

Zinar's brain slowly settled upon hearing the doctors words nonetheless her heart still raced for the unsaid. She watched as he gave her a sympathetic look. "You were four weeks pregnant"

"Were?" Ahmad asked a bit confused, he felt Zinar tense up under his hold.

"The bleeding is due to a miscarriage, am sorry. There would be severe pains but it gets easier" he reassured. He left the room giving them space to process things. They were both quiet just siting there holding unto each other. Ahmad clenched his teeth, he was relieved she was fine but it broke his heart to have lost a child he didn't even know he had. He had been looking forward to starting a family.

"Everything happens for a reason" he heard her say. He turned to face her and she had a sad smile. He wondered how she was so strong, she caressed his hand as she laid her head back on his shoulder both going back to their thoughts.

"How are you feeling?" Amna asked Zinar for the millionth time. Both her and Nafisa had visited her twice already in the previous week and it had been two weeks. She stayed home for a three-day leave but got a lot of sympathy till it got tiring. She felt sad she lost a child and a lot of times she found herself wondering what it might be like if she was still pregnant. She was glad to go back to work, it helped her take her mind off things. Ahmad had been tensed after the first two days, of cause letting her go back to work was an extreme sport. She knew how much he wanted to start a family and understood how he felt after the news.

"Did you tell Amir about Idrees?" Zinar asked disregarding Amna's question.

"No, haven't got around to"

"He said he will be coming by today, you can tell him." and just on cue the doorbell rang and it was Amir.

"Idrees who?" he asked with a furrowed eyebrow adding water to his glass. They were all seated in the sitting room downstairs .

"Idrees Wa'il" she informed. He looked at her and then at Amna and Zinar and back at her. she noticed his confusion and went further "Ahmad old friends."

"That jerk?" he spat "He came at you?"

"No, iyni I know he's had a rough past but he is different now" she reassured him looking back and fought Zinar and Amna helplessly.

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