Chapter 8

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"Good morning sir" Amir said looking cheerful. He was at Ahmad's office.

"What are you doing here" he glared at him

"Here to save your ass" he said wittily. "We are going to get you your girl"

"You have lost your mind, 2- she's not my girl. She probably has a boyfriend. So get out"

"So much for the Ahmad who never gives up until he gets it all. Way to lose all that courage and bravery now." He said sounding disappointed. "But have no fear we will guide you through this journey. We will be your courage and optimism" he recited dramatically. "oh and by the way by we I mean Khalid and I"

"Ahmad looked at him with a duh look" Amir sat on the clients seat opposite him. "First things first. She doesn't have a boyfriend" he said and Ahmad turned all his attention to him. He clenched his jaw to avoid the smile that was finding its way to his lips.

"Yeah!" Amir said wiggling his brow "You really like her don't you?" he smiled "but- there is a but" he said and Ahmad's face dropped. "She doesn't date, which is not a problem at all. I think she had her heart wrecked by some asshole" he said which made Ahmad tense "though she says she wants to do things the halal way. Which I personally think is amazing."

"Halal way" he repeated, that time letting the smile to settle. She was full of wonders. She never seized to amaze him. "How do you know all this"

"Khalid told me"

"Khalid told you? Am going to kill him"

"You can't go killing the girl's friends. That's no way to start a relationship. Talking about ways to start a relationship." He sounded like a lecturer "1- you have to be persistent but not too much. We wouldn't want to come off pushy, or stalky. 2- you need to gain her trust. So gentleman. Shall we?"

It was Zinar's last paper. Exams was good so far. She hoped for high grades but still prayed because no one was above failing in life.

She came out of the school premises with some of her mates talking about the exams and how the holiday would go. Zainab finished her paper the previous day. They were living for Nigeria after three days.

"Hi" she looked at the source of the voice and it was Ahmad. He smiled at her. He was going through with Amir and Khalid's plan after much push.

"Hello" she smiled feeling awkward. She had hoped to never see him again but even she knew there was always a chance.

She was standing outside the school premises alone, when he joined her. Her mates where gone and she was waiting for a cab. The bus wasn't till another twenty minutes and she wanted to get home. After all it was her last day, she could spend a few additional bucks on taxi.

"How was your paper"

"It was fine Allahamdulilah"


"Thank you" the conversation felt weird for both of them.

"Do you need a lift"

"Ahh! Thank you but I'll be fine"

"Am sure you will. It's just a lift. Come on" he said and walked to his car giving her no chance to protest. She let out a breeze of frustration and followed him.

He open the door for her and smiled "Look thank you very much- but no" she said. She gave him an apologetic smile and he nodded. She hated making people feel bad but she wasn't about to enter his car just to make him happy.

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