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The chandeliers dangled, its crystal stones shining with every flicker of light that illuminated the place. The hall was glamorously decorated with lilac, lavender and black violets. Chairs and tables organized on each side with an aisle in the middle that led to the front where a white canopy sofa for two was placed for the Bride and groom. The canopy was decorated with flowers of white and light purple shade. There were kombo and some local pillow seats (tum tum) beautifully arranged that made it a distinguished event. On each side of the canopy were smaller tum tum on top of a huge leather mat for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The event was a blend of the traditional kamu and borrowed dinner. It was more like a modern day kamu.

The bride had arrived a few minutes after the groom. There was a standing ovation for them and their train as they danced their way through the aisle. The M.C. cooed and praised the appealing dance steps that the train entertained them with.

"Once again give it up for the beautiful bride and her groom that can't keep his eye off her. Mr and Mrs Ahmad Sadiq Magaji" the MC said in his I must speak British accent.

"Its time to negotiation, abeg no negotiate small oo, bridesmaids." He yelled the last part calling their attention. "As them they hand you make una dey share with your brothers and sisters wey dey here, you must not even go outside oo. Just us wey dey here don do." He finished compelling them to laugh.

After the negotiation, the bride and groom were called for their first dance. Ahmad Sadiq was dressed in a white kaftan and babban riga styled with royal embroidery, his cap placed perfectly, his smile was bright illuminating his clean shaved face. He held his newly wife's hand as his smile intoxicated her. She was perfect in her glitter biege sequin gown, she wore a black net on her head which was the same shade of cap Ahmad Sadiq wore. There was a small decent slit on the left side of the gown showing a glint of the same shade of black.

"Mrs. Zainab Ahmad Jibril Magaji, you look absolutely beautiful" he said gazing lovely at his wife.

"Angon Zainab you also look dashing" she said still blushing.

"It's all for you angel".

Ahmad Sadiq was a decent looking fellow. He had the right height even with his slight bowleg, he was broad and somewhat fit. He had a sweet smile and innocent small eyes. His nose was somewhat big for his oval like face. He and Zainab made a pretty couple.

"Amarya turn lets snap abeg" Zinar cut her attention, everyone was trying to get a picture with their phones.

"Please everyone should go back to their seats" the MC said "All of you wey no even get correct phone sef, that's how you will be snapping with phones that don't even have flash." He laughed.

The stage was less crowdie. The MC invited the groom's parent for some pictures and then the bride's parents, then both families, then friends and that was how it continued, snapping and dancing.

"Amarya let me clean you up" Chinyere said dabbing a tissue on her face. A bunch of her friends from university came including Maryam, Aliyu, Tima and Linda. It had been a wonderful evening. Khalid also made it, Nafisa and Amna were trapped by school.

"Hy, you good" Zinar asked Ahmad and Khalid that were seated together with Nabil. Zinar had begged Nabil to come so he could keep Ahmad and Khalid company since she was busy being a bridesmaid. She moved back into the crowd when she made sure they were all good. Zainab wiggled her to dance laughing at Jamila's crazy dance. Ahmad Sadiq was with his friends dancing and cooing at what ever it was that guys say. The event lasted till twelve AM, by then all of the elders were gone and most of the married women. Zainab was to be conveyed to her house in Kaduna the next day after zuhur. The weddings started in Abuja where they lived, they had the bridal shower and mothers eve there. After the two events that happened in separate nights, they traveled to Nasarawa her state of origin. That was where the wedding and all the traditional events including the kamu took place.

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