Chapter 5

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Salam, how do you do?
Here it is chapter 5 as planned. Enjoy


The holiday was a long break of almost three months. Zinar was back for her forth year. Lectures had started but it wasn't all that serious or overwhelming. Zainab was not back yet because she was not feeling to good. The house was quite and boring. Zinar had been back for a week then. She was still receiving phone calls to ask how her flight was. She looked around searching for her phone, following the sound. After she found it, it was already two missed calls from her father. She dialed the number again and he picked on the last ring. They exchanged their salaams, he asked how she was doing and coping with forth year.

"Baba how s work" she asked after answering all his daddy questions.

"work is good" her father Mr. Abdul Rashid Salisu was a farmer and an educationist. He owned a very well to do school, which was his second job to farming. Some part of the school was still on contraction.

He told her how the expansion had stopped due to the heavy rain that brought down some ancestral trees and a couple of buildings. As usual they finished the phone call with his constant "read hard, take care of your self and pray even harder."

She dropped her phone on the bed she was lying on and before she could turn around it rang again. She picked the phone reluctantly. She was never really into phone. Most of her friend said it was weird the way she could switch her phone off for days simply because the ringing and notification sound pierced through her ears and vibrations were irritating, or that her phone died and she was too lazy to recharge it. She was that weird.

She answered the call that was from her brother Nabil. He was two years younger than her. She was yet to turn twenty-two. She also had two elder brothers Abakar who was twenty-nine and Umar who was twenty-six. Being the only girl she had a lot of protection. Her friends always said that her brothers loved her too much, though she didn't see how since she was the one who had to deal with all their annoying boy behaviors. The ego, the bossiness, the plain pleasure of tormenting each other or provoking one another which she also took a habit of.

"Yo, how far" his voice echoed through the speakers

"Yadai? How house?" he was at home. He had graduated and was waiting to start school as a telecommunication student in ten days time.

"Boring. Everyone is at work"

"Ayyah! So you don't have anyone's trouble to look for abi?"

"That's why am missing you." he said. She rolled her eyes but had a smile on her face. She missed home. As much as she hated to admit she missed how they all annoyed her. They spoke a little more before she asked about their mother.

He told her she went out. Their mother was a pharmacist and recently opened a pharmacy. Their family was well to do. They weren't desert money rich but maybe well above average. She told him to greet everybody before disconnecting the call.

Zinar woke up early the next day. She decided to check up on school but there wasn't much going on so instead she left to check out new shops and restaurants. Nafisa had called her the previous night to invite her to hang at their place since Zainab wasn't back yet. She agreed to meet them that day by two.

She arrived at their house on time. Amna was not there yet. Khalid was at work. She met umm Khalid and they spoke a bit before going back to Nafisa's room. She caught up on their graduation. It happened when she was at home. She saw more picture and videos. They had both gotten admission in one of the states universities. Nafisa went with cosmetology while Amna with business administration.

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