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Previously on Something Lived Something Felt...
Zainab has finally graduated as a dentist and her boyfriend Ahmad Sadiq proposed and she accepted.😍
Ahmad who was a terrible boss to Zinar because of her black skin colour found himself madly in love with her to the extend he proposed, she accepted after much persistence and even more prayers. Now they are married❤️ and heading to meet his extended family, whether things would work out and she would be treated well or not.🤷🏽‍♀️
Everybody seemed to be getting engaged or married or in relationship💘 except for Khalid😔 who got turned down💔 when he went to ask for Amina's hand in marriage by her father.


They arrived at the airport 4 hours earlier and for a second Ahmad thought there was an event before they left. The people that accompanied them where so much and people where still coming. He couldn't even find Zinar, he had been looking since he got into the crowd and was sure he looked like a lost puppy.

"Hi chill she's not even here yet" he heard Umar say in a teasing tune.

"Who is not here yet" he asked trying to sound cool but failed miserably. Umar looked at him in amusement before dragging him out of the crowd. They both stood in front of the crowd and he was looking at them with wide eyes. There were mats spread all around and food, snacks and drinks kept on them.

"They actually came along with food, drinks and mats?" He thought to himself in disbelieve.

"Ahmad what would you like to have" Anti Hafsat- Zinar's paternal aunt who he couldn't remember her name asked him pulling me out of his thoughts.

"Thank you but am not hungry" he replied with a smile. Umar started talking in Hausa and he was lost. "YA ALLAH I have to learn this language." He thought

They had been there for an hour or so and Zinar was still not there and he was starting to freak out. He couldn't even sit properly. "Why wasn't she there already?" his subconscious kept asking. And then it hit him. What if something had happened?. "AUZUBILLAHIMINASH-SHAITHANI RAGIM" he kept reciting inwards, he knew he shouldn't be having such negative thoughts.

"Hey there you are, I have been looking everywhere for you" Amna said while approaching him. "Mamma wants to talk..."

"Is everything okay? What's wrong? What happened?" he asked in fear thinking it had something to do with Zinar's delay.

"To you" she finished her sentence looking at him like he had gone crazy. "Are you okay" she asked him with a furrowed brow.

"Yeah am fine" he answered feeling a bit stupid for his reaction, but still couldn't help the uneasy feeling in his pit.

"You don't look fine to me" she said. " Here is mamma I will leave you two alone"

"Ya habibi where have you been? And why is your cell phone switched off ?". Mamma asked cupping his face in her palm.

He hadn't even realized when she came near "Mamma am fine" he lied with a soft smile. "Amna said you wanted to talk to me, is something wrong?" he asked, because if there was they had better told me already because am losing it. He wasn't sure for how long he could hold the suspense.

"No, no nothing is wrong I just wanted to see if your doing okay, I haven't seen you since Saturday and you didn't even try calling me." Mamma said

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